Insert tools, accessories, Technical data – Hilti TE 7-C User Manual

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2.9 Using extension cords outdoors

When working outdoors, use only extension cords that are approved and correspondingly marked for this

2.10 Using a generator or transformer

This power tool may be powered by a generator or transformer which fulfills the following conditions: The unit
must provide a power output in watts of at least twice the value printed on the rating plate on the power tool.
The operating voltage must remain within +5% and -15% of the rated voltage at all times, frequency must be in
the 50 – 60 Hz range and never above 65 Hz, and the unit must be equipped with automatic voltage regulation
and starting boost.
Never operate other power tools or appliances from the generator or transformer at the same time. Switching
other power tools or appliances on and off may cause undervoltage and / or overvoltage peaks, resulting in
damage to the power tool.

3. Insert tools, accessories






Hammer drill bits

Ø 5…28 mm

Forming and installation drill bits

Ø 5…20 mm

Lightweight percussion core bits

Ø 25…68 mm

Multipurpose hole saws

Ø 25…82 mm, hexagonal

Pointed chisel

C-type connection end

Flat chisel

C-type connection end

Shaped chisels

C-type connection end

Anchor-setting tools

C-type connection end

Quick-release chuck for wood and metal drill bits

For smooth or hex. shank

Key-type chuck

With smooth or hex. shank

Wood drill bits

Ø 3…20 mm

Metal drill bits

Ø Max. 13 mm

Metal drill bits / stepped drill bits

Ø 5…22 mm



Dust module


Angular chuck

C-type connection end

4. Technical data

Right of technical changes reserved.

The power tool is available in various voltage ratings. Please refer to the power tool’s type identification plate
for details of its rated voltage and rated input power.