Honeywell BRAUKMANN MV876 User Manual

Braukmann, Application, Specifications

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F74C Reverse Rinsing Filter;

MV876 Automatic-Backwash Controls


‘The F74C Reverse Rinsing Water Filters, used at
point-of-entry (POE) to remove sediment and debris from
residential or commercial water systems, ensure a
continuous supply of filtered water. The fine filter
prevents the ingress of foreign bodies, such as rust
particles and grains of sand. The flow, filtering capacity
and ease of cleaning make the F74C the ideal filter for
the most demanding applications. Both horizontal and
vertical installations are possible.

The MV876 Automatic-Backwash Control is available as
an accessory. This control is fitted to the drain valve and
is programmed by the user to automatically perform the
backwash function according to the desired interval.



The specifications given in this publication do
not include normal manufacturing tolerances.
Therefore, units may not exactly match the
listed specifications. Also, products are tested
and calibrated under closely controlled
conditions, and some minor differences in
performance can be expected if those
conditions are changed.


Water filters with 100 micron screens and hose


F74C1015: 3/4 in. sweat and NPT threaded tailpieces.
F74C1023: 1 in. sweat and NPT threaded tailpieces.

Materials of Construction:
Body: Engineered plastic.
Inlet/Outlet Adapter: Bronze.
Sump: Engineered plastic.
Screen: Stainless steel.
Internal Construction: Acetal copolymer.
Seals: NBR.
Ball Valve: Brass with PTFE seals.

Inlet Pressure:
Minimum: 22 psi (with unrestricted backwash discharge).
Maximum: 232 psi.

Medium: Water.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 86°F (30°C).

Pipe Size: 3/4 in. and 1 in.

Mounting Position: For vertical or horizontal
(filter bowl always downwards).

Dimensions: See Fig. 1 and Table 1.


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