Honeywell 4800dr User Manual

4800dr, Document reader, Features

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The 4800dr is a full featured document imager designed to digitize

paper documents for simple and effi cient paperless processing,

storage, and retrieval.

Powered by Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.0, the 4800dr captures

crisp images of documents up to 8.5” x 11” or A4 format in size and

of any paper or text color. An integrated suite of easy-to-use image

enhancement tools sharpen text, improve contrast, orientates and

magnifi es the image. In addition, built-in auto-cropping and a range

of fi le confi guration options and compression functions ensure the

optimum image quality and fi le size for your application requirements.

The 4800dr also has the added fl exibility of barcode scanning

functionality, and can read all linear, stacked and 2D barcodes.

The 4800dr’s integrated stand design and document tray platform

ensure easy set-up and operation without the need for continual

adjustments or calibration – there is no need to reposition the device,

regardless of document size. Simply place the document in the tray

and capture the image.

A broad set of connectivity options including TWAIN, SANE and USB

ensure that you can connect the 4800dr directly to your host system

without the need for any modifi cation or costly adapters.

Featuring 100% solid-state technology, there are no moving parts

that can fail or require routine maintenance - ensuring years of

uninterrupted, trouble-free operation. Combined with a full 3-year

comprehensive warranty, the 4800dr delivers unmatched reliability

and a low total cost of ownership.

Purpose-Built for Document Imaging: Imager, stand and
document tray work together as an integrated document
imaging solution and eliminate the need for adjustment due
to varying document sizes.

Versatile Document Imaging Performance: Adaptus


Imaging Technology 5.0 enables imaging documents up to
8.5” x 11.0” (A4) in size and specialized white illumination
ensures crisp images regardless of document or font color.

Durable and Reliable Technology: 100% solid state with
no moving parts, and backed by a 3-year comprehensive

Broad Connectivity Options: Supports TWAIN, SANE,
and USB drivers, each with the imaging SDK library pre-

Barcode Scanning Functionality: Provides the added
fl exibility of scanning linear, stacked and 2D barcodes,
eliminating the need for purchasing a standalone barcode

Integrated Image Enhancement & Processing Tools:
Easy-to-use on-board tools for maximizing the quality and
usability of captured images including sharpening, contrast
improvements and digital zoom. A full range of automatic
and selectable fi le compression options ensure the fi le size
and image quality output meets your application needs.

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