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Manual Grundig - VISION II LXW 68-9620, LXW 82-9620, LXW 68-9620

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LXW 68-9620 DOLBY

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LXW 82-9620, LXW 68-9620

Summary of Contents

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    2 CONTENTS ____________________________________________ 3-4 Set-up and safety 5-6 Connection/Preparation 5 Connecting the antenna and the mains cable 6 Inserting batteries in the remote control 7-9 Overview 7 Connections on the television 8 The remote control
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    ENGLISH 3 SET-UP AND SAFETY ___________________________ Please note the following information when setting up your television set. This television set is designed to receive and display video and audiosignals.Any other use is expressly prohibited. The ideal
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    4 Please note when deciding where to put the device that furnituresurfaces are covered by various types of lacquer and plastic, mostof which contain chemical additives. These may cause corrosion tothe feet of the device, thus resulting in stains on the surface
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    ENGLISH 5 Connecting the antenna and the mains cable 1 Plug the antenna cable of the rooftop antenna into the » É « antenna socket on the television. 2 Plug the mains cable supplied into the mains socket of the televi-sion. 3 Plug the mains cable into the
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    6 High definition – HD ready Your television can receive high-definition television signals (HDTV). You can connect the input sources (HDTV set-top box or HDTV DVDplayer) to either the » DVI « socket (digital HDTV signal) or the » Y Pb Pr « socket (analogue
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    ENGLISH 7 OVERVIEW ____________________________________________ Connections on the television ʋ ʋ Mains socket. AV 6 PC IN VGA connection for PC. PC AUDIO IN Audio signal input PC. AV 3 AV socket, for connecting a video recorder, DVD player, satellite receiver
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    8 OVERVIEW ____________________________________________ The remote control (TV mode) Ǽ Switches the television off (standby) and on. PIP TV picture in teletext. E Switches between picture formats. D Calls up the A–Z index. 1 ... 0 Switch the television on
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    ENGLISH 9 OVERVIEW ____________________________________________ The remote control (teletext mode) 1 … 0 Enter teletext page numbers. E Switches to double character height. D Shows information on the videotext functions on the»VT settings« menu. i Opens
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    10 Setting television channels automatically The television set is equipped with an automatic channel searchsystem.You start the search and can then sort the television channels intoyour order of preference.99 preset positions are provided, to which you
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    ENGLISH 11 The »Easy Dialog System« interactive operating instructions Your TV set is equipped with the »Easy Dialog System« interactiveoperating instructions.The many possibilities as well as settings and operation of the TV setare displayed with this interactive
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    12 Basic functions Switching on 1 Turn on the television set with » IO « on the television set. – If only the LED illuminates, the set is in standby mode.– Turn on the television set with » 1…0 « or » P+ « or » P- «. Switching to and from standby 1 Press
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    ENGLISH 13 Zap function With this function you may store the current channel position andswitch to another one (zap). 1 Use » 1…0 « or » P+ «, » P- -« to select the channel position you wish to store in the zap memory (e.g channel position 7, PRO7)then press
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    14 TOP text or FLOF text mode 1 Press » TXT « to switch to teletext mode. 2 You can directly select teletext pages with » 1...0 «. Note: At the bottom of the screen, you will see an information lineconsisting of a red, green and, depending on the station,
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    ENGLISH 15 Technical data Mains voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, (power pack control range 190 ... 264 V) Power consumption: in operation 110 W, in standby approx. 1 W (Vision 26)in operation 130 W,in standby approx. 1 W (Vision 32) Sound output: Front 2 x 10 W
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    16 INFORMATION _____________________________________ Problem When switching on the TVset for the first time, themenu for selecting the lan-guage not displayed Bright screen (noise orblue) but no programmevisible.Low picture contrast No colour Sound unclearDouble
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    ENGLISH 17 INFORMATION _____________________________________ Problem Remote control does notwork. Picture is dark, TV set hasswitched itself off After switching on, “childlock” appears on the menu. Wrong menu language. No image/audio on AVposition (AV-Euroconnec-tor)No
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    18 Additional Information for units sold in the UK. Units sold in the UK are suitable for operation from a 240V ac, 50Hz mainssupply.The range of multi-system receivers is built to work in most European coun-tries. However, the mains plug and socket system
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