Outstanding features – Sharp XG-C50X User Manual

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Outstanding Features

1. Ultra High Brightness from a Compact Projector

AC 250W Lamp

Use AC 250W lamp for excellent color uniformity and ultra high brightness.

Power Save mode function enables lower noise levels, reduced power

consumption and longer lamp life.

2. Simple & Easy Operation

User friendly interface with easy to use operation system and connection

areas makes setup a breeze.
Smooth installation and operation using frequently used buttons,
placement of terminals, color schemes as well as combined use of auto
input and search.

Simple lens replacement

Using an easy access lens cover and a new bayonnet mount configuration, the optional lens can be
easily installed.

3. Superior PC Compatibility

Compatible with up to 200 Hz vertical refresh rate, Sync on Green and

Composite Sync signals for use with a wide variety of high-end PCs and


Advanced Intelligent Compression

Technology, computer screens

of UXGA (1,600

# 1,200) resolution can be displayed with minimal distortion.

4. Advanced Computer & Video lntegrated Composer Technology

Realizes vivid images using the latest image quality circuitry.

New I/P conversion algorithm enhances the performance of the motion detect I/P


Extensive improvements on the jagged edges or slanted
lines in moving images.

Color Management System

Supports sRGB.
Enables individual settings of lightness, chromatic value
and hue for six target colors.

Noise Reduction

Allows for a clear image even with noisy source signals.

New Edge Up-Scaling

Reduces jaggies and flickering when up-scaling edges
of slanted lines, enabling sharper quality images.

5. Anti-theft and Safe Design


This function will render the projector useless if a keycode is not entered.

Notevision Lock Down

The Notevision Lock Down (roof bolt) is coupled together with a metal-
lic optical mechanism. Thus, even if a strong force is applied, the
Notevision Lock Down prevents insert nut from falling out, and since
the projector can be more rigidly installed than in the past, it is effective
both for preventing theft and in terms of safety.