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DVD Rating

Blocks playback of rated DVD based on their
content. (Not all discs are rated.)

[Rating 1-8]
Rating one (1) has the most restrictions and
rating eight (8) is the least restrictive.

If you select this, parental control is not
active and the disc plays in full.

BD Rating

Set an age limit of BD-ROM play. Use number
buttons to input an age limit for BD-ROM

All BD-ROM can be played.

Prohibits play of BD-ROM with
corresponding ratings recorded on them.


The [BD Rating] will be applied only for the BD disc
that containing the Advanced Rating Control.

Area Code

Enter the code of the area whose standards
were used to rate the DVD video disc, based
on the list on page 76.


The [NETWORK] settings are needed to use
the software update, BD Live, Home Link and
NetCast features.

Connection Setting

If your home network environment is ready
to connect the player, the player needs to
be set the network connection for network
communication. (See “Connecting to your
Home Network” on page 24.)

Connection Status

If you want to check the network status on
this player, select the [Connection Status]
options and press ENTER ( ) to check whether
a connection to the network and the internet
have been established.

BD-LIVE connection

You can restrict Internet access when BD-LIVE
functions are used.

Internet access is permitted for all BD-LIVE

[Partially permitted]
Internet access is permitted only for BD-
LIVE contents which have content owner
certifi cates. Internet access and AACS
Online functions are prohibited for all BD-
LIVE contents without a certifi cate.

Internet access is prohibited for all BD-LIVE

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