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Entering a network user ID and the

Depending on your PC’s environment, you
may need to enter a network user ID and the
password for accessing a shared folder.

1. The keyboard menu appears automatically

if the network user ID and the password are

2. Use

U/u/I/i to select a character then

press ENTER ( ) to confi rm your selection
on the keyboard menu.

To enter a letter with an accent mark, select
the letter from extended character set.

Example: Select “D” and then press INFO/
DISPLAY ( ) to display the extended
character set. Use


to select “D” or “Ď”

and then press ENTER ( ).

[Clear] – Clear all entered characters.

[Space] – Inserts a space at the cursor

[<–] – Deletes the previous character at the
cursor position.

[ABC / abc / #+-=&] – Change the keyboard
menu settings to capital letters, small letters
or symbols.

3. When you fi nish entering the network user

ID and password, select [OK] using


i and press ENTER ( ) to access the folder.
The network user ID and password will
be remembered after accssing the folder
for your convenience. If you do not want
the network user ID and password to be
remembered, press red (R) colored button
to un-tick the [Remember] check box
before accessing the folder.

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