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All users

Please read the following recommendations before creating LA-PRIVATE:

Passwords. You will be prompted to create a password for the LA-PRIVATE volume. Since short passwords are

easy to crack, LaCie recommends a minimum of 12 characters. Stronger passwords also include a combination
of letters, numbers, and symbols. Accented letters or symbols are not supported. Please consider writing your
password on paper and keeping it in a safe place. Data stored on the LA-PRIVATE volume cannot be recovered
if the password is lost or forgotten.
Time to create LA-PRIVATE. The estimated time to create the LA-PRIVATE volume is one minute per Gigabyte

(GB). For example, 1 GB = 1 minute, 50 GB = 50 minutes, and 500 GB = 8 hours.
FAT 32 size limitation. Due to format limitations, LA-PRIVATE cannot exceed 4 GB if LA-PUBLIC is a FAT 32

volume. To create a LA-PRIVATE volume greater than 4 GB, LA-PUBLIC must be formatted as NTFS (Windows)
or HFS+ (Mac).
Data stored on LA-PUBLIC. Consider the size of the LA-PRIVATE volume carefully, especially if you have already

stored data on the LA-PUBLIC partition. Creating the LA-PRIVATE volume will not delete media on the
LA-PUBLIC partition as long as there is adequate space. For example, you have copied 20 GB of data onto 32
GB of storage. When creating LA-PRIVATE, you can only use the storage that remains (i.e. less than 12 GB).
Disable sleep mode on your computer. In most instances, LaCie Private-Public will pause when your computer

goes into sleep mode. To avoid delays, LaCie highly recommends that you disable sleep mode on your
computer before launching LaCie Private-Public to create LA-PRIVATE.
Do not shut down your computer while LaCie Private-Public is creating LA-PRIVATE.

Administration rights. You must have administration rights to your computer to access LA-PRIVATE.


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