Pioneer AL600 User Manual

Al600 pioneer

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AL600 Pioneer

Hybrid Platform Lift (HPL)

Installation Guide & Owner’s Manual

Congratulations on your new lift purchase. The AL600 Pioneer is one of the easiest
and most trouble free ways to transport your chair or scooter. This manual is written
to be used both as an installation guide as well as an operation guide for the end user
Refer to the index below for the sections that apply to your lift and options.
Please read the manual thoroughly BEFORE attempting any installation,
adjustment or use of the lift.

Both installers and operators should familiarize themselves with this entire manual.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the installation or operation of your
scooter/chair lift, please contact your local distributor for additional technical information.
Only authorized dealers should install this lift.

Caution: Some scooters and chairs may be unsuitable for transport in or on a

motor vehicle. Please contact the manufacturer of your mobility device to

determine its transportability.

Table of contents