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Other Accessories

Viewfinder eyepiece accessories
Remove the viewfinder eyepiece cup before attaching viewfinder eyepiece accessories. See
“Eyepiece Cap“ (A 56) for more information on removing the rubber eyecup.

Diopter adjustment viewfinder lenses: This feature is helpful for those who are far-

sighted or short-sighted. Lenses can be exchanged easily by inserting to the eyepiece.
Lenses are available with diopters of –5, –4, –3, –2, 0, +0.5, +1, +2, and +3m


(when the

D60 diopter adjustment control is at the –1m


position). Use diopter adjustment lenses

only if the desired focus cannot be achieved with the built-in diopter adjustment control
(–1.7 to +0.5m


). Test diopter adjustment lenses before purchase to ensure that the

desired focus can be achieved. The rubber eyecup cannot be attached when diopter
adjustment viewfinder lenses used.

Eyepiece Magnifier DG-2: Magnify the scene displayed in the center of the viewfinder for

close-up photography, copying, telephoto lenses, and other tasks that require added
precision. Eyepiece adapter required (available separately). When the Eyepiece Magnifier
DG-2 is attached, the eye sensor does not respond appropriately. If necessary, select Off
for Shooting info auto off (A 123) in the setup menu.

Eyepiece Adapter DK-22: Attach the Eyepiece Magnifier DG-2 to the D60.

Right-angle Viewing Attachment DR-6: The DR-6 attaches at a right angle to the

viewfinder eyepiece, allowing the image in the viewfinder to be viewed from above when
the camera is in portrait orientation. When the Right-angle Viewing Attachment DR-6 is
attached, the eye sensor does not respond appropriately. If necessary, select Off for
Shooting info auto off (A 123) in the setup menu.


Nikon filters can be divided into three types: screw-in, slip-in, and rear-interchange. Use

Nikon filters; other filters may interfere with autofocus or electronic range finding.

The D60 cannot be used with linear polarizing filters. Use the C-PL circular polarizing filter


The NC and L37C filters are recommended for protecting the lens.

Moiré may occur if a filter is used when the subject is framed against a bright light or when

a bright light source is in the frame. Taking pictures without a filter is recommended.

Center-weighted metering (A 62) is recommended with filters with exposure factors

(filter factors) over 1× (Y48, O56, R60, X0, X1, C-PL, ND4S, ND8S, A2, A12, B2, B8, B12). When
matrix metering is selected, enough effect may not be expected. See the documentation
provided with filters for details.


Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL9: Additional EN-EL9 batteries are available from local

retailers and Nikon service representatives.