Communications by web browser (continued) – Nikon DX-TL4516E User Manual

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Recorder Title & Camera Titles

This is the screen for setting or changing the recorder and
the camera titles.


1. Select “Recorder Title & Camera Titles” and left-

• The “[Recorder Title & Camera Titles]” screen



2. Enter the desired recorder or camera title to “New

• The recorder and the camera titles currently set

are shown in the “Current Text.”


3. Select “change” and left-click.

E-mail Setup

This is the screen for setting the information related to the
e-mail server or sender, and for setting the e-mail address of
the receiver.


1. Select “E-mail Setup” and left-click.

• The “[E-mail Setup]” screen appears.


2. (When making the settings to send the e-mail • • •)

Input the desired settings for “SMTP Server (Host
Name or IP),” “POP Server (Host Name or IP),”
“POP User ID,” “POP User Password,” “DNS Server
1 Address,” “DNS Server 2 Address,” “From:,” and
“Recorder ID.”
• The settings currently set are shown in the

“Current Settings.”


3. To send the test e-mail, select “From Address Test

(send test mail)” and left-click.


4. (When attaching alarm recording picture to e-mail •

• •)

Put a check mark on “Picture” checkbox.
• E-mail with the picture which is captured during

alarm recording is sent to the marked user. The
file extension of the picture data file which is
attached to e-mail is “.aap”.

• “Delay time to attachment” is used to determine

the timing of capturing the picture to be
attached. The time period between occurrence
of alarm and capture of the picture can be set
up to 10 seconds.

You cannot send the picture when the alarm recording is

not performed.

The picture to be attached is captured during alarm

recording of which trigger is input of the rear terminal.

To perform this function, put a check mark on “Sensor.”

When the multiple notifications are occurred at the same

time, notification may be delayed or not all the items may
be notified.

When the alarm recording time is shorter than the

specified delay time, the picture cannot be attached.

When the multiple alarm signals are input at the same

time, only the picture from the camera corresponding to
the lowest sensor number is attached.

Communications by Web Browser (continued)