Fine-tuning the bike, Caution – Yamaha wr450f User Manual

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Fine-tuning the bike

Learning how to use the adjusters will take time
but you quickly appreciate them once you know
the tricks. Even the specialists sometimes need
a specialist!

With the adjusters you optimize the suspen-

sion for your riding style and the track you are
competing on.

The same basic guidelines go for both the front

fork and the rear shock absorber.

Too much compression damping will give you a

harsh ride as your bike “jumps“ along the track.

With too much rebound damping your bike will

have difficulties with several bumps in a row. The
suspension will not extend fast enough between
bumps, your bike will ride lower and lower and
eventually the suspension will bottom!

External adjusters
On the Öhlins front fork the adjusters are bleed
valves, completely separated from each other.

The compression bleed valve controls the flow

in the cartridge tube during the compression
stroke, the rebound bleed valve controls the flow
during the rebound stroke.


Using too much force when closing the adjusters
will destroy important sealing surfaces.

Make sure that you have the correct springs and
the correct spring pre-load before making any
adjustments. And always start with the Öhlins rec-
ommended settings.

Compression stroke

Rebound stroke

Flow in compression valve

Flow in rebound valve

Flow in compression valve

Flow in rebound valve


Higher click numbers give less damping force.

When making adjustments, keep notes, make
adjustments one at a time…and in small steps.

The adjusters should normally not be adjusted

in steps of more than 2 clicks at a time and not
outside the usable click range.

When you think you have made an improvement,

go back to what you started with and double
check to be sure. Pay attention to changes in
conditions like tires, temperatures etc.


See Mounting Instructions for recommended

Both the adjusters have a normal right-hand
Click position zero (0) is when the adjusters are
turned clockwise to fully closed.
The adjustment range, from fully closed until
maximum open valve (anticlockwise), is 20 clicks.
In order not to click in the wrong direction; always
first close the adjuster, then dial-in the new setting.

Making adjustments
To make improvements using the adjusters, it is
important to understand the function of the front
fork and the shock absorber and through testing
learn how they effect the handling of your bike.