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Getting Started with Intellisync


Getting Started with Intellisync

This section gets you started with your first synchronization by
providing configuration information and a synchronization

Entering configuration settings

How does Intellisync know what to synchronize? You tell
Intellisync what to synchronize through the information you enter in
a set of configuration dialog boxes. These dialog boxes specify the
data you want to synchronize and contain special settings affecting

Once you have the options and settings in these dialog boxes
configured the way you want them, you need never access them
again unless you want to make a change.

Note: For simplicity, this quick start guides you through the
process of configuring and running a synchronization.
However, these instructions apply to importing and exporting
data as well. The only difference between configuring a
synchronization and setting up a one-way transfer of data is in
the selection of the operation in the Choose Translator dialog