The intellisync icons – Sony PEG-TJ37 User Manual

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Installing Intellisync


The Intellisync icons

The Intellisync Program Group displays the following icons:

The Intellisync Favorites Folder icon contains Web
page links to enable easy and timely access to
information on Intellisync products, technical issues,
and other important topics.

The Intellisync Configure icon accesses the
Intellisync Configuration dialog box—the main
dialog box used to configure Intellisync operations.

The Intellisync Help icon accesses the Intellisync
online Help system.

The Intellisync Readme icon displays a text file
containing last-minute information not included in
the manual or online Help. It is advisable to read this
information before you start using Intellisync.

The Intellisync Support Tool icon displays a tabbed
dialog box that provides information on various
support-related topics and links to Pumatech's Web

You can use the Uninstall Intellisync icon to remove
the Intellisync program from your system.

The Intellisync User Guide icon accesses the
Intellisync User guide in PDF format.

In addition to the Intellisync icons, the install procedure places two
shortcut icons (HotSync and Palm Install Tool) in the program
group for your convenience.