Precautions – Sony bloggie MHS-PM1 User Manual

Page 35

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[ Do not use/store the camera in

the following places

• In an extremely hot, cold or humid place

In places such as in a car parked in the sun, the
camera body may become deformed and this
may cause a malfunction.

• Under direct sunlight or near a heater

The camera body may become discolored or
deformed, and this may cause a malfunction.

• In a location subject to rocking vibration
• Near strong magnetic place
• In sandy or dusty places

Be careful not to let sand or dust get into the
camera. This may cause the camera to
malfunction, and in some cases this malfunction
cannot be repaired.

[ On carrying

Do not sit down in a chair or other place with the
camera in the back pocket of your trousers or
skirt, as this may cause malfunction or damage the

[ On the battery pack

• Avoid rough handling, disassembling,

modifying, physical shock, or impact such as
hammering, dropping or stepping on the battery

• Do not use a deformed or damaged battery pack.

[ On the battery charger

• Do not charge battery packs other than an NP-

BK type battery pack in the battery charger
supplied with the camera. Batteries other than
the specified kind may leak, overheat, or
explode if you attempt to charge them, posing a
risk of injury from electrocution and burns.

• Remove the charged battery pack from the

battery charger. If you leave the charged battery
pack in the charger, battery life may be

• The CHARGE lamp of the supplied battery

charger flashes in either way:
– Fast flashing: Turns the light on and off

repeatedly at the interval of 0.15 seconds.

– Slow flashing: Turns the light on and off

repeatedly at the interval of 1.5 seconds. (BC-
CSKA only)

• When the CHARGE lamp flashes fast, remove

the battery pack being charged, and then insert

the same battery pack into the battery charger
securely again.
When the CHARGE lamp flashes fast again,
this may indicate a battery error or that a battery
pack other than the specified type has been
inserted. Check that the battery pack is the
specified type.
If the battery pack is the specified type, remove
the battery pack, replace it with a new one or
another one and check if the battery charger
operates correctly. If the battery charger
operates correctly, a battery error may have

• When the CHARGE lamp flashes slowly, it

indicates that the battery charger stops charging
temporarily on standby. The battery charger
stops charging and enters the standby status
automatically when the temperature is outside of
the recommended operating temperature.
When the temperature gets back within the
appropriate range, the battery charger resumes
charging and the CHARGE lamp lights up
again. We recommend charging the battery pack
in an ambient temperature of between 10°C to
30°C (50°F to 86°F). (BC-CSKA only)

[ On cleaning

Cleaning the LCD screen
Wipe the screen surface with an LCD cleaning kit
(sold separately) to remove fingerprints, dust, etc.
Cleaning the lens
Wipe the lens with a soft cloth to remove
fingerprints, dust, etc.
Cleaning the camera surface
Clean the camera surface with a soft cloth slightly
moistened with water, then wipe the surface with
a dry cloth. Do not use the following or they may
damage the finish or the casing.
• Chemical products such as thinner, benzine,

alcohol, disposable cloths, insect repellent,
sunscreen or insecticide, etc.

• Do not touch the camera with the above on your


• Do not leave the camera in contact with rubber

or vinyl for a long time.

[ On operating temperatures

Your camera is designed for use under the
temperatures between 0°C and 40°C (32°F and
104°F). Shooting in extremely cold or hot places
that exceed this range is not recommended.