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Owners manual Clarion - BLT370

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Owner’s manual

Manuel d’ installation et ode d’emploi

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Summary of Contents

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    FCC Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.This
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    3 BLT370 CONTENTS 1. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE? .......................................... 42. PRODUCT FEATURES OVERVIEW ..................................................... 5 Clarion Bluetooth ® Audio/Mobile-phone Transceiver (BLT370) ............
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    4 BLT370 1. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE? A complete BLT370 package consist of the following items: Bluetooth ® Audio/Mobile-phone Transceiver unit with 2.5m cable and LC box Visor clip RCA to 3.5mm jack cable (1m) Velcro hook (x2) with double- sided
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    5 BLT370 2. PRODUCT FEATURES OVERVIEW Clarion Bluetooth ® Audio/Mobile-phone Transceiver (BLT370) The BLT370 is a handsfree car kit featuring Bluetooth ® wireless technology that allows you to utilize your car’s built-in audio system for wireless music streaming
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    6 BLT370 Telephone interrupt pin The cable on the Transceiver is equipped with a telephone interrupt pin (TEL- INT). Such mechanism can be used to notify the car stereo unit to switch mode when it detects incoming call and transferring call. Automatic Bluetooth
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    7 BLT370 3. INSTALLATION Installing BLT370 This Transceiver unit is used to receive audio signals via Bluetooth ® wireless technology from other Bluetooth ® device and stream it to the car audio system. The attached cable has a pair of auxiliary output,
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    8 BLT370 3. INSTALLATION 5. Use Velcro with double-sided tape to hold the visor and Transceiver unit if necessary. (shown in Fig. 2). Detail of using Velcro will be explained as the followings: Step 1: Attach the Velcro hook to the visor clip with the double-sided
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    9 BLT370 • Please refer carefully to the system diagram before installing your BLT370. Incorrect wiring method may cause damage to BLT370, your car audio system or even your vehicle. • We strongly recommend that BLT370 is only installed by those fully familiar
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    10 BLT370 4. INTRODUCTION TO BLUETOOTH ® “PAIRING” What is Bluetooth ® wireless technology? Bluetooth ® wireless technology is a radio technology that connects devices, such as mobile phones and headsets, without wires or cords over a short distance of approximately
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    11 BLT370 Pairing Sequence Note: • Please refer to Clarion Bluetooth ® Audio Transmitter and Cradle for iPod owner’s manual for the Bluetooth ® Audio Transmitter operation below. Between Bluetooth ® Audio/Mobile-phone Transceiver and Bluetooth ® Audio Transmitter
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    12 BLT370 CAUTION ! • The Transceiver unit can only pair and connect to ONE mobile phone at a time. • In order to pair and connect to another mobile phone, user will have to disconnect the current mobile phone first. Please refer your mobile phone owner’s
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    13 BLT370 Automatic Connection The Bluetooth ® wireless function in your phone has to be turned on to establish automatic connection.1. The Transceiver will establish an automatic connection in the following situations: • After a previously successful connection,
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    14 BLT370 5. OPERATIONS FOR BLUETOOTH ® AUDIO/MOBILE- PHONE TRANSCEIVER UNIT Buttons Terminology Please make sure you have read through chapter “Installing BLT370” on page 7 before proceed to the following operations. [L/R] selector [ ]/[ ] [VOL -] [RESET]
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    15 BLT370 [ ]/[ ] button • During incoming call, press the button to reject call.• During phone conversation, press the button to end call.• During music streaming for A2DP device or iPod , press and hold the button for 1 second or longer to move to next
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    16 BLT370 Understanding T he Transceiver Unit I ndicators Notes: • When both red and blue LEDs are on, LED looks purple. • Mobile phone with music streaming will be under the same category as “Transmitter and mobile phone connected”. 5. OPERATIONS FOR BLUETOOTH
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    17 BLT370 Basic Operations• Turning on the power The unit turns on immediately when power is supplied. It can only be turned off if car engine is off. • Resetting the Transceiver unit This function is used to restore to factory default setting and clear
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    18 BLT370 Turning on/off multiple re-connection mode This function allows user to switch on or off the multiple re-connection mode. ON: Multiple attempts are made to auto re-connect with the last paired mobile phone (HSP/HFP) when Transceiver is powered
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    19 BLT370 Music Streaming and Playback Control Music streaming is a technique for transferring audio data such that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream. Users can stream music from their iPod or other external audio player to their car
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    20 BLT370 • Play/Pause a track Press and hold the [VOL +] button for 1 second or longer to play or pause the song. • Stop a track (For A2DP device only) Press and hold the [VOL -] button for 1 second or longer to stop the song. Restart a track (For iPod
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    21 BLT370 Using Handsfree with Bluetooth ® Wireless Technology Note: The Clarion car stereo must activate the telephone interrupt mode to be able to work with the Transceiver. Please refer the car stereo owner’s manual of each model for details. Making a
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    22 BLT370 • To reject a call User can reject an incoming call with this Transceiver unit. 1. When the car handsfree rings, press the [ ] button once. Note: • This is dependent on the type of phone. • Ending a call Use either one of the following methods
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    23 BLT370 Adjusting the telephone interrupt volume You can adjust the speaker volume in a call via your Transceiver unit. 1. Press the [VOL +] button to increase the volume.2. Press the [VOL -] button to decrease the volume. Notes: • There are 19 volume
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    24 BLT370 6. COMPATIBLE MODELS Supported Clarion car stereo To enable stereo music streaming, the car stereo must come with AUX function.To enable handsfree function, the car stereo must have telephone interrupt function.Compatible with Clarion units from
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    25 BLT370 7. TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Description The red or purple LED lights up all the time. Cause Power-up failure The device may not be start upon power on. 1. Power off and on the device until the blue LED blinks correctly. 2. Press the reset button.
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    26 BLT370 7. TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Description Cause Transceiver Cannot connect to the car handsfree The car handsfree may be connected to another Bluetooth ® device or your phone may be connected to another Bluetooth ® device, such as a headset. You may
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    27 BLT370 8. SPECIFICATION Compliance Bluetooth ® 1.2 Profiles A2DP (stereo music streaming) AVRCP (remote control function, e.g. play/stop, volume up/down) HFP/HSP (handsfree for mobile phone) Wireless range Class 2: Up to 10m (line of sight) Sensitivity
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    28 BLT370 9. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Safe and efficient use Note: Read this information before using this product. Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Clarion may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Please check
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    29 BLT370 Installation Please note that only authorised personnel should install this product. Please check with your car dealer for recommendations on professional installation engineers. Check with your car manufacturer’s representative to be sure that
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    30 BLT370 Electronic equipment Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from RF energy. However, certain electronic equipment is not, therefore:Do not use this product near medical equipment without requesting permission. If you are using any personal
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    31 BLT370 Emergency calls IMPORTANT! This product and the electronic device connected to the handsfree operate using radio signals, cellular, Bluetooth ® wireless technology and landline networks as well as user-programmed functions, which cannot guarantee
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