Angle finder a2 and b, Magnifier s – Canon AE-1 User Manual

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Angle Finder A2 and B

The angle finder is a magnifying glass

which can be attached from above into the
grooves of the viewfinder eyepiece. It rotates

90 degrees so that the image on the viewfinder
can be viewed directly from the side or above

whenever it is inconvenient or impossible to

look directly through the eyepiece. This is

very helpful in copying, close-ups, macro­

photography, and photomicrography. There

are two types, the A2 whose image is reversed

as in a mirror, and the more advanced Angle

Finder B with the normal camera image.

Magnifier S

The Canon Magnifier S gives 2.5X magni­

fication of the viewfinder center for precision
focusing in close-up work. The strength
can be adjusted to your eyesight within the

range of -t4 to -4 diopters.

The Magnifier S combined with its

adapter can be inserted into the grooves of the

viewfinder eyepiece. The adapter of the

Magnifier S is hinged to allow the magnifier

to swing upward from the eyepiece leaving the

whole screen image visible after focusing.