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Page 6: Operation

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Empty Bucket

Dryness Control


Your dehumidifier control panel contains an Empty Bucket indicator, a Fan Speed control and

a Dryness Control.

Empty Bucket indicator --This light glows when the water bucket is full and needs to be emptied. It also

glows when the bucket is not properly positioned.

Fan Speed — This controls the speed of the airflow.

Dryness Control-- This controls the moisture in the room.


1. Turn the Dryness Control to Off. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

2. Set the Dryness Control anywhere between Off and Max for normal operation.

If you need more dehumidification (drier air), turn the Dryness Control toward Max. If you need less

dehumidification (moister air), turn the Dryness Control toward Off.

3. Turn the Dryness Control to Off to stop the unit manually.

4. To control the speed of air flow, turn the Fan Speed toward Low or High.

Note; Be careful not to lose the water bucket.

This dehumidifier doesn't run if the water bucket is not installed properly.

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