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This Owner’s Guide provides specific operating instructions for
your model. Use the freezer only as instructed in this Owner’s
Guide. Before starting the freezer, follow these important first


Choose a place that is near a grounded electrical outlet. Do
Not use an extension cord or an adapter plug.

For the most efficient operation, the freezer should be
located where surrounding temperatures will not drop
below 40° F (5° C) or exceed 110° F (43° C).

Allow the following clearances for ease of installation,

proper air circulation, and electrical connections:



Back & Top

1 ”

Do Not block the toe grille on the lower front of your

freezer. Sufficient air circulation is essential for the proper
operation of your freezer.


The exterior walls of the freezer may become quite warm as
the compressor works to transfer heat from the inside.
Temperatures as muct: as 30° F warmer than room
temperature can be expected.



If your freezer is placed with the door hinge side against a

wail, you may have to allow additional space so the door can

be ODened wider.


The freezer must have all bottom corners resting firmly on a
solid floor. The floor must be strong enough to support a fully
loaded freezer. NOTE: It is Very Important for your freezer to be
level in order to function properly. If the freezer is not leveled

during installation, the
door may be misaligned
and not close or seal
properly, causing
cooling, frost, or
moisture problems.

To Level Freezer:
After discarding crating
screws and wood base,

use a carpenter’s level

to level the freezer from
front-to-back. Adjust the

plastic leveling feet In

front, bubble higher,

so that the door closes
easily when left halfway

Leveling Instructions for all Refrigerator/Freezer Pair:

Remove two leg levelers provided in literature bag. While

unit is lying on its back for wood skid removal, install both
leg levelers in rear of unit.

Level door of first unit using all four levelers and slide unit
into place. Recheck for levelness and adjust if necessary.

Measure distance from floor to bottom of door on first unit.

Adjust and level second unit so door height matches.

Leg Level Adjustments

One full turn of all four leg levelers will raise door 5/32”.

One full turn of both front leg levelers will raise door
3/16” and tilt top of door back 7/16”.

One full turn of both rear leg levelers will lower door

1/32” and tilt top of door forward 7/16”.

One full turn of both side leg levelers will raise door
3/16” and tilt top of door 3/8”.

Slide second unit into place leaving a minimum gap of 3/16”
between units for door swing clearance.

This last step may require at least one extraction of the
second unit to properly align units in a “built-in” application.







To allow door to close and seal properly, do not let
food packages extend past the front of the shelves.

Shelf Front

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