Honeywell 7600 User Manual

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7600 Mobile Computer

The Dolphin 7600 device is Honeywell’s most compact mobile computer,
offering a range of features and functionality superior to other devices in
its class. Combining the data collection and communication attributes of an
industrial-grade mobile computer with a more compact and cost-effective
design, the 7600 finally offers you the opportunity to deploy a powerful and
reliable productivity tool, without hurting your bottom line.

The 7600 is perfect for the user that is constantly on the move. Its small,
lightweight, and ergonomic design offers workers easy, comfortable, one-
handed use as opposed to the heavy, bulky data collection devices that can
cause worker fatigue and repetitive stress injuries. The 7600 is easy to hold
and easy to use, which can help improve productivity in the field.

To provide seamless data and voice communications between you and
your mobile workers, the 7600 features an integrated triple-radio design
for Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN)™ technology – combining


, 802.11 and GSM/GPRS EDGE to provide reliable real-time

information access and exchange anytime, anywhere. Full shift power
management provides continuous and uninterrupted runtime, even when
used in full time wireless, scan-intensive environments – eliminating costly
downtime and lost productivity due to battery replacement or re-charging.

Powered by Adaptus


Imaging Technology 5.0, the 7600 delivers the

broadest suite of advanced data capture capabilities, include linear and 2D
bar code scanning, digital image capture, and intelligent signature capture.
Whether scanning a package for delivery, capturing a signature for proof
of receipt, or taking a picture of damaged goods, Adaptus provides the
capabilities you need to increase efficiency and customer service.

Purpose-built for light industrial applications, the 7600 delivers the durability
and reliability you expect when investing in a Dolphin mobile computer,
making it ideal for use in retail, parcel delivery, postal, route accounting, field
services, warehousing, and task management applications.

Small, Ergonomic Design: Contoured, narrow body with

an integrated finger saddle and angled image engine for

comfortable one-handed use.
Full Shift Power Management: Powers an entire work

shift of use, delivering uninterrupted data processing

for enhanced worker productivity and reduced battery

replacement costs.
Versatile, High Performance Data Collection: Adaptus

Imaging Technology 5.0 reads linear and 2D bar codes and

captures digital images, giving you the ability to process and

manage more data with a single device than ever before.
Windows Mobile


6.0 or Windows


CE 5.0: Powerful,

industry standard platforms for developers and users,

simplifying integration and ensuring intuitive operation.

Engineered for Durability: Constructed for reliable use in

light industrial applications–in the field and on-site.
Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN) Technology:

Integrated WAN, LAN, and PAN for real-time data exchange

and voice communications keeps users continually

connected to mission critical information.
Vibrant Color Display: 2.8 in. ¼ VGA color display

provides easy viewing and touch screen use.
Backlit Numeric and Alpha Keyboards: Strategic key

placement enables efficient one-handed operation while the

backlight increases usability in most lighting conditions.
Broad Connectivity: Connect easily to external devices via
USB, Bluetooth, IrDA, and serial connectivity.