Honeywell Dolphin 7850 User Manual

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7850 Mobile Computer

The Dolphin 7850 device is a compact, pistol-grip style mobile
computer purpose-built for scan-intensive in-premise applications.
Combining user-focused ergonomics with industrial-grade construction
and advanced technologies, the 7850 is designed to increase the
productivity of your employees and maximize your return on investment.

Featuring a full-sized angled display for easy data viewing, and a
comfortable, well-balanced handle design, the 7850 enhances user
productivity while reducing user fatigue and wrist strain. High-speed
802.11b/g wireless connectivity and Shift-PLUS

power management

gives users continuous access to mission-critical data throughout the
workplace without interruption, eliminating costly downtime due to data
disconnects or replacing batteries.

The 7850 supports a wide range of imaging and scanning solutions to
address specific customer data collection requirements. Easy to use
Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 delivers high performance 1D and
2D barcode scanning while enabling automated device configuration
and update capabilities. Laser options are also available for long range
scanning applications.

A robust suite of integrated software tools provides resources for
application development and integration, device deployment, and
configuration management. Class-leading terminal emulation and
remote device management solutions are available to ease integration
of the 7850 into your legacy systems and simplify IT administration once
your devices are deployed to the field.

The only product today designed exclusively for frontline in-premise
mobile data collection, the 7850 delivers the performance and value you
need now and protects your investment into the future.

Optimized for In-Premise Use: Combines an angled 3.5

inch color display and contoured pistol-grip, in a compact,

lightweight and balanced device–built specifically for

comfortable and efficient in-premise data collection.
Industrial-Grade Durability: Environmentally sealed

housing, internal magnesium alloy roll cage and specialized

wear-resistant components ensure years of reliable use.
Multiple Data Collection Technology Options:

Adaptus Imaging Technology provides linear and

2D barcode reading for standard range scanning


Laser scanner options provide long range linear

reading out to 30’ (9.1m).

Powerful Software Utilities: Comprehensive integrated

suite of easy to use software tools and utilities provide

simplified device configuration, application development,

and device management capabilities.

Windows Mobile


5.0: Powerful, industry standard

platform, application flexibility for developers, and a familiar

interface for users.
Shift-PLUS Power Management: Powers scan-intensive,

full-time RF applications continuously for 10 hours or

longer, enhancing operational efficiency. Longer battery

run-time requires fewer charge cycles–greatly reducing

battery replacement costs.
Real-Time Wireless Communication: Integrated

802.11b/g communications delivers real-time network

access to mission critical information and supports

advanced wireless security standards.