Honeywell 272630D User Manual

Caution, Application, Specifications

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272630D Position Feedback and

Auxiliary Switch Accessory

FOR ML6984 AND ML7984


The 272630D auxiliary board is an optional circuit board
that is used in conjunction with Series 4000 ML6984 and
ML7984 globe valve actuators. This auxiliary board
combines the function of an adjustable low voltage SPDT
auxiliary switch with a 2-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA position
feedback signal. It has a 4-pin keyed connector for
communications from the mother circuit board.


Feedback: 2-10 Vdc (10-2 V reverse acting) into mini-

mum impedance 500 ohm. Maximum output current is
20 mA dc.

Auxiliary Switch: SPDT, 24 V, 50/60Hz, 1 A inductive.

Fixed differential (3% of stroke), adjustable operating
point from 0 to 100% of stroke.


When installing this product...

1. Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow

them could damage the product or cause a hazard-
ous condition.

2. Check ratings given in instructions and on the

product to ensure the product is suitable for your

3. Installer must be a trained, experienced service


4. After installation is complete, check out product

operation as provided in these instructions.



Disconnect power supply before beginning
installation to prevent electric shock and
equipment damage.


All wiring must comply with applicable local
electrical codes, ordinances and regulations.


DO NOT electrically operate the ML6-7984
actuator before assembly to the valve
because damage not apparent to the
installer may occur. Mount the actuator to the
valve before connecting to power.


1. Remove plastic cover from the ML6-7984 by loos-

ening the two screws located on the top. (Note:
These screws are captive. Rotate three complete
revolutions to remove cover).

2. Slide the auxiliary board into the two slots at the

bottom of the bridge. Push back and snap the
board into the fingers. (See Fig. 1)

3. Connect one end of the 4-pin connector to the

main board and the other end to the auxiliary board
if it is not already connected. The connectors are
keyed and only install one way.

4. Mount the actuator onto the valve body and con-

nect wiring.

5. Reinstall cover after operational check.