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Once Abe has arrived in America he got his first job straight away even though at that time he did not speak any language, he started to work at Coney Island deli as simple ordinary soda jerk. But he used his lunch time well by volunteering over the counter to have an opportunity to observe how everything work in the restaurant. As a result Abe got the counterman position very soon. During next couple of years he worked in many deli kitchens here and there so was able to learn some secrets of making wonderful pastrami and few more traditional dishes of Jewish cuisine.

By the year od 1954 Abe did good enough to save few thousand dollars so he took over the small luncheonette on East Tenth Street for ten seats only, it was the nucleus of the 2nd Ave Deli. After that he worked non-stop for numerous years being not only cook, but waiter, counterman and busboy during those times; all his energy and time were dedicated to work to gain success.

Few decades have passed while Abe was struggling to reach success but by the end his dream of having successful business in America came true. The man loved food, people New York, own restaurant and in return the Big Apple and life loved Abe, too. His death was mourned by all people of New York. His wife Eleanor, brother Jack and daughter Sharon made a decision to keep dream of that man alive. Therefore restaurant Deli was left open till 2006 (January) after which was shut down due to some misunderstanding with the landlord.

2nd Ave Deli closing was taken seriously and has been mourned by the whole New York together with Abe's nephews Jeremy and Josh who were supposed to continue their uncle dream. The earliest memories of these two guys were abut times when were able to spend a lot of time in Abe's Deli sampling all presented food and then were promoted to wash dishes, to bus the tables and to deliver the food. Due to the great respect to their uncle Jeremy and Josh worked hard thus the 2nd Ave Deli was opened at 162 East 33rd Street and then it was opening of new 2nd Ave Deli at 1442 First Avenue. Thanks to great efforts and their stewardship the new two restaurants have maintained high level of excellence while continuing to experiment and evolve.

The 2nd Ave Deli has continued to serve authentic deli fare and to draw crowds of both new and old customers. The perfect tribute to Abe!