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HP Photosmart E217/E317 Quick Start Guide

Getting Assistance

View the User’s Manual on CD

Your camera has many more valuable features that are

covered in detail in the User's Manual. These features

include in-camera red-eye reduction, 5 shooting modes,

direct printing capability, on-camera Help, camera

accessories, and much more. To view the User’s Manual:
1. Insert the HP Image Zone software CD into the CD drive

of your computer.

2. On Windows: Click View User’s Manual on the Main

page of the CD installation screen.
On Macintosh: Look in the readme file in the docs folder

of the HP Image Zone software CD.

Additional Assistance

• For tips and tools to help you use your camera more

effectively, visit

• HP online service and support is your one stop source for

all product assistance, diagnostics, and driver

downloads. Get award winning assistance 24x7 at

• For help with the HP Image Zone software, see the

HP Image Zone online manual.

• For an interactive learning experience (in English) that will

guide you through the most-used features of your camera

and provide basic digital photography tips, please install

and run the Interactive User's Guide program from your

software CD. Page 16 Wednesday, February 16, 2005 6:58 AM

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