Fender P10 User Manual

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Overview of Features

(1) Molded Carry Handle

(2) 5” Full-Range Loudspeaker

(3) 1/4” (6.3mm) Input Jack (plug the male-end of the mic cable in

here). This input is a mic level input.

(4) Power Switch/ Volume Control.

A click-off position is located at the fully counter-clockwise
position. Rotating the control clockwise increases the output

(5) Power Indicator Light (glows red when power is on).

(6) Battery Charge Indicator.

- Red light indicates battery is low and needs charging.
- Green, blinking indicates charging in progress.
- Solid green indicates battery is fully charged.

(7) 1/8” (3.5mm) Auxiliary Input (for connecting CD, Cassette, or

audio line output from another device like a computer sound

(8) DC Power Input Jack (plug in the battery charger here).

(9) Shoulder Strap.

(10) Battery Compartment (shoulder strap can be stored in here).

(11) Mic Stand Adapter.

Thank you for selecting the Fender Passport P10 Personal Sound System.
Fender’s Passport brand of products are known for their portability, ease
of use, innovative design, exceptional quality and value. We think you
will find the same qualities in your new P10. Before operating the P10,
please read this instruction manual thoroughly and familiarize yourself
with the features and operation of your new sound system.

Your P10 was carefully packed at the factory. The carton should contain:
1 - P10 Main unit
1 - AC to DC power adapter
1 - AC cord (appropriate for country where P10 was purchased)
1 - Dynamic cardioid microphone
1 - 3’ coil microphone cable

If any items are missing, please contact the authorized Fender retailer
where you purchased the P10.

The P10 is a battery powered personal portable sound system. It is ideal
for any situation where you need to raise the level of your voice (or other
audio source) to effectively communicate with a group of people. The
P10 is perfect for teachers, tour guides, auctioneers, presentations, crowd
control situations, emergency personnel, coaches, zoos, museums... any-
one, anywhere.