Furman Sound SPB-8/8E User Manual

Features, Description

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F u r m a n S o u n d , L L C 1 6 9 0 C o r p o r a t e C i r c l e P e t a l u m a , C A 9 4 9 5 4 - 6 9 1 9

P h o n e : 7 0 7 . 7 6 3 . 1 0 1 0 F a x : 7 0 7 . 7 6 3 . 1 3 1 0 w w w. f u r m a n s o u n d . c o m


The Pedal Board is a solid,

non-slip base for up to 8 pedal

effects that lets you leave

everything powered up and patched

together as you like it

Pedal effects attach securely to a

12” x 25” Velcro™ pad

Included padded travel case is stur-

dy and roomy, fits the Pedal Board

with all effects attached, has two

internal storage pouches, and in-

cludes a shoulder strap

Stereo effects return, effects loop,

and amplifier outputs

Eight 9VDC outlets, with 8 included

power cords

Three widely spaced 120VAC, 15A

outlets allow enough room for “wall


Furman’s quality spike and surge

suppression and EMI/RFI filtering

assures clean power

Toroidal transformer for ultra

low-noise performance

Rugged construction will withstand

years of on-stage use and abuse

Extra-long 10-foot AC cord

The first Pedal Board designed with the working professional in
mind. Guitar players, bassists, and keyboard players have all asked
for this, and we answered with the most rugged, versatile, and useful
board available anywhere.


The Furman SPB-8 features heavy duty metal construction

that will handle the most forceful stomps you can offer, as well

as stand up to the rigors of the road. The first stereo board on

the market, it is also the first to feature the high level of power

conditioning that Furman is famous for.

At the heart of the SPB-8 Stereo Pedal Board is a light yet

rugged polycarbonate platform in combination with a steel

chassis and an ample 12” x 24” Velcro™ sheet, ensuring secure,

noiseless, flex free, non-slip performance for up to eight effects

boxes and pedals.

The SPB-8’s stereo patch bay contains ten 1/4” switching

phone jacks, connected in two stereo loops. This allows a single

guitar or instrument input to feed multiple mono and stereo

effects boxes, send and return from remote effects, and feed up

to two amplifiers simultaneously. From modest to highly complex

patching demands, the SPB-8 allows nearly unlimited set-up


S O U N D , L L C





SPB-8/8E Patch Bay