Fender Champion 600 User Manual

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champion™ 00

This simple tribute to the cute & collectable

1949-53 era Fender guitar amplifier makes small-

room sessions lots of fun! Originally intended as

a student model, the toneful Champion has also

been employed by many professionals for its low

output, easy-to-record capabilities. We’ve added

a high-gain input to take the overdriven tone

beyond that of the original, and a speaker output

which allows the use of a larger speaker cabinet.

Most people like to turn the amp’s volume

all the way up, and manipulate the guitar’s

controls for a variety of sounds. Crank it up!

Features include:

•Tube Preamp and Tube Power Amp
•One 12AX7 tube; One 6V6 tube
•5 Watts into a 6 inch Special Design speaker
•High-gain and Low-gain inputs
•External speaker output
•Vintage-correct 1950 “two tone” cosmetics

The World's Most Popular Instrument Amplifiers...

—Since 1946


High– and Low–

sensitivity plug-in connections for

instruments. LOW provides cleaner response

with high output instruments.

B . VOLUME—Adjusts the overall loudness

of the amplifier as well as distortion and


C . POWER SWITCH—This switch turns the

AC power ON and OFF as indicated by the

power jewel. When the switch is OFF, the

amplifier is completely shut down.