Fender ACE-1515 User Manual

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This symbol warns the user of dangerous voltage
levels localized within the enclosure.

This symbol advises the user to read all
accompanying literature for safe operation of the unit.

Read, retain, and follow all instructions. Heed all warnings.


To prevent injury, this apparatus must be

securely attached to the floor/wall in accordance with the
installation instructions.

WARNING: Flying loudspeakers above crowds is dangerous
and should only be undertaken by experienced and insured

WARNING: The length of the useful life of these cabinets
will depend in substantial part upon how they are treated in
use. The user of this cabinet must periodically have this
cabinet inspected to ensure that continued use has not
weakened the cabinet's structure, including the various joints
which are fastened with glue and/or screws.

WARNING: To prevent damage, fire or shock hazard, do not
expose this unit to rain or moisture.

This product should be located away from heat sources such
as radiators, heat registers, or other products that produce

This product should only be used with a cart or stand that is
recommended by the manufacturer.

This product should be serviced by qualified service
personnel when: objects have fallen, or liquid has been
spilled onto the product; or the product has been exposed to
rain; or the product does not appear to operate normally or
exhibits a marked change in performance; or the product has
been dropped, or the enclosure damaged.

Do not drip nor splash liquids, nor place liquid filled
containers on the unit.

CAUTION: No user serviceable parts inside, refer servicing
to qualified personnel only.



loudspeaker systems are capable of producing very

high sound pressure levels which may cause temporary or
permanent hearing damage. Use care when setting and
adjusting volume levels during use.

General Precautions:

Always carefully route speaker cables to avoid any chance
that someone could trip over them. Tripping over the cables
attached to the speaker can cause the speaker to be
knocked over, potentially leading to personal injury and
damaged equipment.

Due to the high acoustical energy generated by the
speakers, they may have a tendency to move across smooth,
polished, or slippery surfaces. Care should be taken to
ensure the speakers do not fall off of the edge of such
surfaces (i.e. stages, tables, etc.).

Do not insert or drop anything into the ACE Speaker
enclosure’s bass ports (located on either side of the high
frequency horn).

When stacking ACE loudspeakers:

Do not stack more than two units high.

Stacked speakers must be securely strapped or tied together
and anchored to the stage to prevent toppling.

Always ensure that the loudspeakers are placed on a stable
surface. The surface must be rigid, flat, and level.

Always verify that stacked speakers are aligned properly.
The feet of the upper speaker must fully interlock with the
receptacles of the lower speaker.

Position the loudspeakers in a location where they will not be
easily tipped over by audience members, performers, or the
production crew.

Do not allow anyone to lean on or climb on speakers.

Children should not be allowed near stacked speakers.

When used outdoors, be aware of winds that could tip a
speaker stack over.

When mounting ACE loudspeakers on speaker stands:

Always ensure that the stand is placed on a stable surface.
The surface should be rigid, flat, and level.

The legs of tripod style speaker stands must be fully
extended, and the stand should be positioned so that its legs
do not pose a trip hazard.

Read and observe all safety precautions provided by the
stand manufacturer.

Check the specifications of the speaker stand to verify its
weight limits. Ensure that it is designed to support the weight
of the speaker. Never mount more speakers on a stand
designed for only a single speaker.

In outdoor applications, additional precautions should be
taken to ensure stability. Sandbags placed on the base of
the stand may improve stability.

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