Fender 118S User Manual

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13-Ply Baltic Birch Cabinet

800W Program Power Handling

40 Hz to 400 Hz Frequency Response

98 dB Sensitivity @ 1W / 1m

One 18” (46 cm) Cast Frame Woofer with 4”
(10 cm) Voice Coil and 109 Ounce Magnet

4-pole Speakon™ Connectors and High
Current 1/4” Phone Jacks

Reinforced for Flying Applications
(118s only)

Thank you for purchasing a Tour Series 118s or
118sc Professional Subwoofer from Fender



Audio. We are sure you will find it both a unique and
effective sound reinforcement product, providing
years of trouble-free service.

Designed for the most demanding concert sound
and sound contracting requirements, the cabinet’s
internal wood bracing helps eliminate side wall
movement. This design results in low distortion, very
high power handling and very high SPL output.
Likewise, large ports on the 118s and cabinet
prevent compression at high SPL due to large exit

After moisture sealing, the 118s cabinet is painted
with a environmentally friendly tough black finish for
longer life and lasting looks. The 118sc is covered in
a rugged black carpet with the addition of metal
corners and feet. The 118s is equipped with
flypoints to attach rigging hardware for flying
applications. With its trapezoidal shape, the 118s
fits well in a tight cluster with either the 2912 or 2915
enclosures. When used in this configuration, the
118s effectively reproduces the low-end
frequencies; the 2912 / 2915's are then used as
mid-high cabinets.

CAUTION: Almost all speakers produce strong
magnetic fields which may interfere with the
normal operation of nearby electronic devices,
including televisions and computer video
monitors. To reduce or eliminate interference,
increase the distance between this product and
other nearby electronic devices.


TOUR SERIES 118s / 118sc




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