Genesis Advanced Technologies 6 Series User Manual

Series, Absolute fidelity

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absolute fidelity™

absolute fidelity™


The story began in 1967 when Arnie Nudell

invented the world’s first servo-controlled subwoofer.
In the 80’s he launched the world’s first truly high-
end loudspeaker – the Infinity® Reference Standard
or IRS.

Fast forward to June of 1993 when he again

rocked the world and established new benchmarks
for quality, performance and aesthetics for high-
end audio with the introduction of the Genesis One
Loudspeaker System. It set new world reference
standards in sonic performance.

Genesis created loudspeakers with detail retrieval

so stunning that you can often hear the performers
breathing; loudspeakers with such true three-
dimensional imaging that the listener is virtually
brought in the presence of the musicians; and
loudspeakers with a dynamic range so wide that it
will take your breath away.

Today, all Genesis audio products are empowered

with this ability to resolve the lowest level detail
with the same articulation and imaging that exists

at higher levels. Thus,
you can enjoy the same

quality of detail and

energy from the softest

whisper to the loudest

roar of a tornado.

legant surroundings demand beautiful
furnishings. The Genesis Advanced

Technologies 6-Series are loudspeakers that look
right at home in a designer house, and sound
perfectly at home in an audiophile’s system. They
deliver concert-level listening detail and holographic
imaging, and yet will enhance the beauty, value,
and comfort of your home. They have earned
accolades for design and engineering from the
Consumer Electronics Association; for style in
architecture, interior design, and lifestyle magazines;
and for fidelity, performance and sound in audiophile

Whether it is to restore a musical performance,

or to recreate some real or imaginary movie realm,
the Genesis 6 Series loudspeakers will give you the
tools to create a system to suit. From a compact two
channel stereo system to a full blown 7.7-channel
movie surround and more.

In the real world, we are surrounded by

continuous, uninterrupted, full resolution sound.



When we bring the world
into our homes, our ears
demand the same
unbroken continuum of
sound. Each channel of
the new Genesis 6 Series
Surround System is an
absolute fidelity
channel – delivering the
frequency response and dynamic range of real life.

Low Frequency Effects (LFE) and infrasonics

can be equally distributed in the listening space;
delicate high frequencies, including ultrasonics,
truly surround you, resulting in unparalleled impact
and detail. We call this absolute surround™.

Genesis 6-Series Family

Monopole surround loudspeaker. Suitable for side
or rear channel duties. Add a ServoSub 2/12t for
full-frequency response.

Audiophile performance in a sculptural enclosure.
Add any ServoSub for full frequency range

Remotely switchable monopole / dipole side or rear
surround loudspeaker. Add a ServoSub 2/12t to
become an absolute surround channel.

Audiophile “convertible” center channel and L/R
loudspeaker. Add a ServoSub 4/8 for a perfect

Full-frequency audiophile performance in a
sculptural enclosure. Integrated dual 12” active
servo subwoofer with LFE Blend™.

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