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How To Chop

The Chopping Blade speeds up many everyday tasks and is designed to chop,
crumb, grind, mince and mix quickly.
1. Place the Bowl over the center post in the Base with the Handle at the left. Turn

the Bowl towards the right until it drops down into place. Snap the Bowl in so that
the Handle lines up straight over the Signal Light; be sure it locks into place (A).

2. Grasp the Chopping Blade by its center shaft and slide it down onto the center

post. (C)

3. Place the Cover onto the Bowl so that the Food Chute is just to the right of the

Bowl Handle. Twist the Food Chute/Cover toward LOCK until you hear it click
into place (B).

4. Plug the cord into an electrical outlet. Use the Food

Guide to help you Prepare food for chopping/
mincing/mixing and crumbing.

5. Press Pulse (or ON for continuous operation).

When pulsing, hold the Pulse button down for about
2-3 seconds: check results; repeat for desired consistency.
It is better to use several short bursts rather than a
single long one unless mixing ingredients that require
longer processing times.

6. After processing food, release the Pulse, or if you

were using continuous ON, press OFF. Allow the Disc
to stop rotating. Twist the Food Chute/Cover toward
UNLOCK to remove the Cover.

7. Grasp the Chopping Blade by its shaft and remove.

Unlock the Bowl by turning the Handle to the left, and
Lift the Bowl off. Empty the processed food.

How to Use the Dough Blade


Follow the instructions under “How to Chop” to install and remove

the Dough Blade. Refer to the Usage note under “Using Your Food Processor” to
properly operate the unit with the Dough Blades in place.
1. The Dough Blade can be used to make yeast breads, pizza dough, or yeast rolls.

Use the 2 dough recipes in the manual as a guide when making bread or pizza
dough. Be sure to add liquid ingredients slowly as the dough will not form
properly if liquid is added too fast.

2. You may have to stop the unit at times to scrape down this side of the processing Bowl.
3. DO NOT use the Dough Blade to make pie crust dough. Use the Chopping Blade

for pie crust dough (see recipes).


Bread Making Tips for the Dough Blade

1. For best results, use ingredients at room temperature and be sure the butter is soft.
2. Check the date on the yeast package to be sure it hasn’t expired. Measure flour

accurately by spooning it into a measuring cup designed for dry ingredients and
level it off. Do not pack flour by tapping the cup when measuring.

3. Use the amount of liquid and flour in the bread recipe provided as a guide. You

can experiment with other favorite yeast bread recipes.

4. You may use bread flour, if you’d prefer. Breads will be taller.

Food Processing Tips/Liquids

• Hot liquids (not boiling) and hot foods can be processed in the Bowl.
• Be sure to process small amounts of liquids–2 cups or less at a time. Larger amounts

may leak from the Bowl.

NOTE: Do not attempt to sharpen the cutting edges of the Chopping Blade or the
slice or shred Disc. They are permanently sharpened at the factory and will be
ruined by attempting to sharpen.
1. Before cleaning, be sure the unit is off and the cord is unplugged.
2. Whenever possible, rinse parts immediately after processing for easy clean-up.
3. Wipe the Base, Control area, and feet with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Stubborn spots can be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth and a mild,
non-abrasive cleanser. Do not immerse the Base in liquid.

4. All removable parts can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher, top rack.

• If washing by hand, wash in hot, sudsy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly. If

necessary, use a small nylon bristle brush to thoroughly clean the Bowl and
Food Chute/Cover. This type of brush will also help prevent cutting yourself
on the Chopping Blade and Slice and Shred Discs.

• If washing in a dishwasher, place removable parts on the top rack only – not in

or near the utensil basket.

5. Do not use rough scouring pads or cleansers on any plastic or metal parts.
6. Do not fill the Bowl with boiling water or place any of the parts in boiling water.

Some foods, such as carrots, may temporarily stain the Bowl. To remove stains,
make a paste of 1 tablespoon baking soda and two tablespoons warm water. Apply
the paste to the stains and rub with a cloth. Rinse in sudsy water and dry.

Care & Cleaning

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