Using your food processor, Parts and features – GE 168956 User Manual

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Parts and Features

1. Shredding Disc
2. Slicing Disc
3. Chopping Blade
4. Dough Blade
5. Disc Stem
6. Food Pusher
7. Working Bowl Cover and Feed Tube
8. Working Bowl
9. Base

10. Spatula

Using Your Food Processor


Do not attempt to chop ice in this Food Processor; it will

damage the Bowl and dull the Chopping Blade. This unit will not whip cream, beat
egg whites to a desirable volume, grind coffee beans or spices with a high oil content,
or slice or shred hard-cooked eggs, marshmallows, or soft cheeses. When preparing
ingredients to make dough, do not exceed the recommended amounts to yield 1
loaf of bread. Exceeding the recommended amount will cause the unit to overheat
when the dough blades are in use.

For your protection, this unit has an Interlock System so the processor

won’t operate unless the Bowl is locked onto the Base and the Cover is correctly
locked onto the Bowl. Be sure the Bowl Handle is turned fully onto the Base so that
the Handle lines up over the Signal Light. Do not attempt to operate the unit without
the Cover being correctly in place. Be sure the Base is on a flat, dry, clean surface
before you begin processing.

How to Slice or Shred

1. Place the Bowl over the Center Post in the Base

with the Handle at the left . Turn the Bowl towards
the right until it drops down into place. Snap the
Bowl in so that the Handle lines up straight over
the Signal Light; be sure it locks into place (A).

2. Slide the Disc Stem onto the Center Post in the Bowl.

Carefully grasp the Slice or Shred Disc (they are sharp!)
and push it down onto the Disc Stem.

3. Place the Cover onto the Bowl so that the Food

Chute is just to the right of the Bowl Handle. Twist
the Food Chute/Cover toward LOCK until you hear
it click into place (B).

4. Plug the cord into an electrical outlet. Use the

Food Guide to help you prepare food for slice/shred
Processing. Fill the Food Chute with food and position
The Pusher over the food

5. Press down lightly but firmly on the Food Pusher while

pressing the Pulse (or press ON for continuous process).

6. After processing food, release the Pulse, or if you were

using continuous ON, press OFF. Allow the Disc to stop
rotating. Twist the Food Chute/Cover toward UNLOCK
to remove the Cover.

7. Grasp the Disc and lift out. Carefully pull out the Disc

Stem, unlock the Bowl by turning the Handle to the left,
and lift the Bowl off.



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