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Global Technology Associates’ GB-250 Firewall
Appliance and GB-250e Firewall Appliance are designed
for small business offices that require network security
functions usually found only in enterprise level
firewall appliances. The GB-250 and GB-250e Firewall
Appliances enhance your network’s perimeter security
with Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus.

Email spam and computer viruses can bring your
network to a halt. Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam and Anti-
Virus will fi lter spam and viruses entering through the
fi rewall’s email proxy. GTA licensed the Mail Sentinel’s
anti-spam and anti-virus technologies from market
leading companies such as Mailshell’s SpamScore
technology that executes more than 300,000 checks to
determine if a message is spam; and Kaspersky Labs
who are noted for their exceptional detection rates and
responsiveness to virus attacks. There’s no additional
sofware to install or learn, simply enter the subscription
activation code on your GTA fi rewall, and confi ure
using the GNAT Box OS web or windows interface.

GTA Firewall products combine a proprietary operating
system, firewall and hardware into one-easy-to-install
dedicated appliance. Offering multi-layered features,
network administrators can choose from a simple plug-
and-play implementation or customize feature settings
for a more flexible implementation. Advanced features
combined with subscription options such as Mail

Sentinel Anti-Spam, Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus and Surf
Sentinel™ Content Filtering, transform your firewall
into a complete perimeter network security solution.
All GTA firewall products are certified to meet the
stringent ICSA 4.0 Corporate criteria providing you
with the best network security protection available.

The GNAT Box® OS is backed by 10 years of real-
world Internet security experience. GTA firewalls
prevent unauthorized access from un-trusted networks
and completely hide internal networks providing
transparent access to users on trusted internal networks.

The GB-250e Firewall Appliance features VPN
hardware acceleration for faster VPN throughput on
a desktop firewall appliance. The perfect solution
for secure VPN connections to corporate offices or
for telecommuting through GNAT Box Mobile VPN
Clients. Available in two standard configurations for
10 or 25 concurrent outbound users (upgradeable to 50
concurrent outbound users).

The GB-250 Firewall Appliance is available in two
standard configurations for either 10 or 25 concurrent
outbound users. Both versions may be upgraded to
50 users allowing you to match the firewall to your
current network needs and expand in the future as your
business grows. VPN is optional on the 10 user version.

Small Offi ce Firewalls featuring Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

Key Features

• Three fully-confi gurable 10/100 NICs including DMZ support
• Supports Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus
• Supports Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam
• 10 or 25 concurrent user license (upgradeable to 50 users)

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