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Full Featured Unified Threat Management For Mid-Sized Business

Uniquely designed for mid-sized businesses, the GB-800 and GB-800e Firewall UTM Appliances provide cor-
porate level Internet security and unified threat management (UTM) features. Comprehensive firewall and
unified threat management features combine into a single, dedicated appliance for completed Internet se-
curity. Three independent high-speed network interfaces are each configurable as external, internal and
DMZ. Powered by GB-OS, the GB-800 and GB-800e include advanced features such as Dynamic Gateway
Architecture and Gateway Sentinel. Dynamic Gateway Architecture allows the GB-800 and GB-800e to be
customized to fit your network design by utilizing advanced configuration and routing features such as load
balancing and gateway failover for up to six gateways. Gateway Sentinel is GTA’s suite of threat manage-
ment products and services that includes a robust intrusion prevention system, Internet content filtering and
email proxy with basic email filtering. Expanding the UTM features is easy and affordable with Mail Sentinel
Anti-Virus, Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam and Surf Sentinel URL content filtering. The GB-800 and GB-800e Firewall
UTM Appliances are available in two standard configurations: 50 or unrestricted concurrent outbound us-
ers. The GB-800e features VPN hardware acceleration to off-load intensive VPN encryption and decryption for
increased VPN throughput. The GB-800 Firewall UTM Appliance Family meets ICSA 4.1 Corporate criteria.

Firewall UTM Appliance Family

Flexible Implementation

The GB-800 and GB-800e combine GB-OS system
software and GTA hardware into an easy-to install and
use dedicated firewall UTM appliance. Comprehen-
sive firewall features such as object encapsulation,
policy routing, gateway selector and load balancing
allow network administrators to mold the configura-
tion to match network design. Optional upgrades
of user counts, mobile VPN client and subscription
based services provide the flexibility of the GB-800
and GB-800e to grow with your organization.

Proven Technology

GTA’s GB-OS Firewall UTM operating system has been
evolving since its introduction in 1994. Selected
around the globe by thousands of corporations
large and small, GB-OS system software meets ICSA
stringent 4.1 corporate criteria for Internet security
firewalls. Today, GB-OS 5.0, builds upon the legacy
of 15 years of GTA Internet Security experience.


The GB-800e Firewall UTM Appliance features VPN
hardware acceleration for faster VPN throughput,
making it the perfect solution for secure VPN connec-
tions to corporate offices, or for telecommuting using
the GTA Mobile VPN Client. By off-loading power in-
tensive VPN encryption and decryption to the VPN ac-
celerator, both VPN and standard connections benefit.

UTM Features

Unlock the GB-800 Firewall UTM Appliance Family’s
full UTM capabilities with the following features:

Intrusion Prevention System
GTA’s IPS compares data packets to over 4000
signature-based policy definitions to recog-
nize attacks and protect against network
anomalies. IPS carefully analyzes traffic and
automatically blocks attacks before they can
reach the network. IPS configuration op-
tions include the selection of protected ser-
vices and the handling of suspect packets.


Sentinel Anti-Virus

The Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus subscription op-
tion, powered by Kaspersky Lab’s anti-vi-
rus technology, provides real-time virus and
malware scanning of email against a data-
base of nearly 100,000 virus definitions.


Sentinel Anti-Spam

Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam subcription option,
powered by MailShell’s multi-level anti-spam
technology, offers customizable spam block-
ing and filtering for the GB-800’s email proxy.


Sentinel 2.0

Surf Sentinel 2.0 content filtering subscrip-
tion option, powered by industry leader Surf
Control, allows organizations to increase
productivity and reduce liability by limit-
ing access to unproductive or inappropriate
web sites based on 41 category ratings.





True Gigabit perfor-


Unrestricted concur-

rent users

Expandable up to 12

(10 of which can be Gigabit)





Key Features

GB-800 Family

Dedicated UTM Appliance
Powerful Traffic Management
Flexible Implementation
Three Fully Configurable
10/100 NICS Including DMZ
UTM Threat Management

URL Filtering

ICSA 4.1 Corporate Certified


Includes Hardware VPN





Product Part Numbers

GB-800 Firewall UTM Appliance 50 Users
GB-800 Firewall UTM Appliance Unrestricted Users
GB-800e Firewall UTM Appliance 50 Users

GB-800e Firewall UTM Appliance Unrestricted Users




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