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After use, unplug kettle and empty.

NOTE: Use water only in the kettle. If used for foods or beverage
such as tea or coffee, the warranty will be voided.

If Heating Element Discolors

It is normal for stainless steel heating elements to discolor. This
does not affect the performance of the kettle. Do not use abra-
sive scouring pads or cleaners as this may damage the stainless
steel surface.

If Your Kettle Boils Dry

If your kettle is accidentally switched on without being filled
with water, or is allowed to boil dry, the kettle will cycle contin-
uously, switching off, cooling down and switching back on.
You should:

Turn the kettle OFF, unplug the kettle and wait about
15 minutes for the element to cool down.


Refill the kettle, then use as normal and check that the
kettle functions correctly.

If Your Kettle Does Not Work

Make these simple checks before calling the toll-free customer
assistance number:
• Have you switched the power switch button to ON position?
• If the kettle heats but does not boil, it might need descaling.
• Has the kettle been accidentally switched on without being

filled with water or allowed to boil dry? Turn the kettle OFF,
wait 15 minutes and try again.

• Is the kettle cord firmly plugged in the outlet?

Using Your Electric Kettle

BEFORE FIRST USE: Fill kettle to MAX indicator on water level
window and bring to a boil. Discard water and repeat. Rinse
out kettle 2 or 3 times. The kettle is now ready for use.

Unplug kettle from outlet before filling.


Fill kettle with required amount of water. Ensure that water

level is between MIN and MAX on the water level indicator.
WARNING: To reduce risk of personal injury, do not fill kettle
above MAX fill line. If kettle is overfilled, boiling water may
spit out of the spout.


Make sure that lid is in place and kettle is standing on a level

WARNING: To reduce risk of personal injury, do not use kettle
without lid properly secured in place.


Plug into outlet and turn on. The lighted power switch will



When the water has boiled, turn the kettle off. (Remember,

the surface of the kettle gets hot; take care–only grip the
kettle by the handle.)


Parts and Features


Lighted Power Switch





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