Garrett Metal Detectors SEA HUNTER MARK ll User Manual

Sea hunter mark ll, Operating instructions

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The Sea hunter Mark ll is an extremely versatile detector, offering four (4) mounting/stem
arrangements to suit your search needs.

• Long stem with the housing mounted above the stem.

• Long stem with the housing mounted below the cuff assembly.

• Short stem with mounting as above for diving.

• Belt mounting leaving the stem free of housing. This may be used with either stem



Choose the desired operating stem/housing configuration and assemble the stem.

1. Compress the button ends of the spring clip and insert, button end first, into the lower stem

of the detector so that the button ends pop out of the holes. This will enable the lower stem
assembly to be attached to the upper stem and the over all length of the detector adjusted
for a comfortable operating length.

2. Attach the lower stem to the searchcoil by inserting the two rubber washers into the stem

and slipping the searchcoil onto the stem. Insert the threaded bolt through the holes and
hand-tighten the two knobs.

3. Install the upper stem to the lower and adjust for the most comfortable operating length.
4. Wrap the searchcoil cable snugly about the stem with the first turn of the cable over the


5. Insert the cable connector into the connector on the detector housing and hand-tighten

securely. Do not over tighten. Ensure that the searchcoil connector is clean and the o-ring
is lubricated. If necessary use a very small amount of silicon grease or petroleum jelly. Do
not coat the connector pins with lubricant.

6. Perform a battery test by turning the detector on. Note the number of audio tones that

occur. Pass a metal target such as a coin beneath the searchcoil to confirm metal


Familiarize yourself with the detectors controls. Their basic functions are given here. How
they can help you find treasure is explained in the Operating Instructions of this Manual.

Power/ Depth:

• Turns the detector on. The batteries are checked automatically and audibly each time

the detector is turned on.

• Turns the detector off.

• Selects either of the two (2) search modes.