Garrett Metal Detectors SEA HUNTER MARK ll User Manual

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This search mode is exclusive to the Sea Hunter Mark ll. It is similar in operation to the Motion
Discrimination mode in that it provides more precise and enhanced target discrimination. The
background audio threshold remains at the chosen level until an “accepted” target is presented
to the searchcoil. At that time a sharp audio response, a characteristic of all motion detectors,
As with the Standard mode, the Elimination Control is used to change the detectors ability to
detect various types of metal; poor conductors can be eliminated while only slightly reducing
the detection of better conductors. Although the Discrete mode appears to achieve less
detection depth in air tests its ability to eliminate undesirable items precisely, without affecting
desirable items, enables it to outperform the Standard mode in certain situations. For example,
with the elimination control set to exclude pulltabs, they are excluded with little or no effect on
the detection response to most thin gold rings.
To pinpoint in the Discrete mode, sweep the searchcoil over the target. The searchcoil must
remain in motion to produce an audio response. This mode is designed to provide superior
pulse induction target discrimination and is especially useful in areas with a lot of trash


The following procedure shows just how easy it is to operate the Sea Hunter Mark ll detector.

1. Turn on the detector and note the results of the automatic battery check represented by

number of audio tones. Four tones indicate the batteries are good, two or three tones
indicate they are adequate. When one tone or no tone is sounded, replace the batteries.

2. Select either the Standard or Discrete Trash Elimination operating mode.
3. Adjust the threshold audio level to the desired setting. Typically this level is set to the

point that the threshold sound is just audible, barely above being silent.

4. Set the Elimination Control to zero or at least a very low level until you can determine

the types and amount of trash metal is present. Eliminate only the minimum amount of
items to insure that all acceptable targets are located to maximize your search goals.

Scan the searchcoil at a speed of about one to two feet per second at a distance from the
ground of about one to two inches. An audio increase will indicate the presence of metal
beneath the coil.

Pinpointing and Target Recovery:
When the detector locates a target you must recover it to see what has been found. Pinpoint
the target by making an imaginary “X” over the target. Where the loudest sound is, the target
will be beneath the searchcoil. You may wish to switch into the Standard mode to enable you
to hover over the target, because in the Discrete mode searchcoil motion is required to
recognize the targets presence.
The final step is recovery and digging is usually involved. Always make as small a hole as
possible and always fill your holes when the target has been recovered. Use the proper tool for
the type of hunting you are doing. Recheck your hole for additional targets.

The Sea Hunter Mark ll requires eight (8) AA batteries. When replacements are required use
only high quality carbon, alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Each time the detector is turned on