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Page 4: Control settings

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About the dishwasher control panel.

You can locate your model number on the tub wall just inside the door. Throughout this manual, features and appearance
may vary from your model.

Control Settings

Status Indicator Lights

The Status display tells you what’s happening while the dishwasher is in operation and may
flash, indicating a malfunction (see page 6). The lights will come ON indicating the sequence
of operation the dishwasher is in.

SENSING Displayed while the ExtraClean

Sensor is measuring the amount of soil and temperature of water.

(on some models) The dishwasher will adjust the selected cycle to achieve optimal performance.

WASHING Displayed during prewash and main wash periods.

(on some models)

RINSING Displayed during rinse periods.

(on some models)

DRYING Displayed during HEATED DRY.

(on some models)

SANITIZED Displayed when cycle has met sanitization conditions. Light remains ON until door is opened.

CLEAN Displayed when a wash cycle is complete. The light will remain ON until door is opened.


Sensor Selections

The light above the selected pad will be ON to indicate which ExtraClean

Sensor Selection has been


ANTI-BACTERIA Heavy 10.0 gal., 93 min.

or SANI WASH Medium 8.6 gal., 90 min.

Light 7.2 gal., 90 min.

This cycle raises the water temperature in the final rinse to sanitize your dishware. The cycle
length will vary depending on the temperature of your inlet water.

NOTE: The Anti-Bacteria cycle is monitored for sanitization requirements. If the cycle is
interrupted during or after the main wash portion or if the incoming water temperature is so
low that adequate water heating cannot be achieved, the sanitizing conditions may not be met.
In these cases, the sanitized light will not illuminate at the end of the cycle.

NOTE: NSF certified residential dishwashers are not intended for licensed food establishments.

POTS Heavy 11.4 gal., 95 min.

& PANS Medium 10.0 gal., 71 min.

Light 10.0 gal., 66 min.

This cycle is meant for heavily soiled dishes or cookware with dried-on or baked-on soils.
This cycle may not remove burned-on foods. Everyday dishes are safe to be used in this cycle.

NORMAL WASH Heavy 9.9 gal., 74 min.

Medium 7.0 gal., 61 min.
Light 5.6 gal., 48 min.

This cycle is for medium/heavily soiled dishes and glassware.