Electrolux - Gibson 216771000A User Manual

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These guidelines must be followed to ensure that safety
mechanisms in the design of this refrigerator will
operate properly.

Refrigerator must be plugged into its own 115 Volt,

60 Hz., AC only electric outlet. The power cord of the
appliance is equipped with a three-prong grounding
plug for your protection against shock hazards. It must
be plugged directly into a properly grounded three-
prong receptacle. The receptacle must be installed in
accordance with local codes and ordinances. Consult a
qualified electrician. Do not use an extension cord or
adapter plug.

• If voltage varies by 10% or more, performance of your

refrigerator may be affected. Operating refrigerator with
insufficient power can damage the compressor.

• To prevent the refrigerator from being turned off

accidentically, do not plug unit into an outlet controlled
by a wall switch or pull cord.

• Do not pinch, knot, or bend the cord in any manner.

Avoid fire hazard or

electric shock. Do not use an extension
cord or an adapter plug. Do not remove
any prong from the power cord.


• Never unplug the refrigerator by pulling on the cord.

Always grip the plug firmly, and pull straight out from
the receptacle.

• To avoid electrical shock, unplug the refrigerator before

cleaning and before replacing a light bulb.

NOTE: Turning the temperature control to OFF turns off the
compressor, but does not disconnect the power to the light
bulb or other electrical components.

• Do not operate refrigerator in the presence of explosive