Electrolux - Gibson 216771000A User Manual

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This Owner’s Guide provides specific operating instructions
for your model. Use the refrigerator only as instructed in this
Owner’s Guide. Before starting the refrigerator, follow
these important first steps.


• Choose a place that is near a grounded electrical outlet.

Do Not use an extension cord or an adapter plug.

• The refrigerator should be located where surrounding

temperatures will not drop below 10° F (-12° C) or exceed
110° F (43° C). The Freeze Control Feature is designed to
automatically maintain the selected interior refrigerator
temperature within these boundaries.

Allow space around the unit for good air circulation.
Leave a 3 inch (75 mm) space on all sides of the
refrigerator for adequate circulation.

NOTE: The exterior walls of the refrigerator may become
quite warm as the compressor works to transfer heat from
the inside. Temperatures as much as 30° F warmer than
room temperature can be expected. For this reason it is
particularly important in hotter climates to allow enough
space for air circulation around your refrigerator.


The refrigerator must have all bottom corners resting firmly
on a solid floor. The floor must be strong enough to support
a fully loaded refrigerator. NOTE: It is Very Important for
your refrigerator to be level in order to function properly. If
the refrigerator is not leveled during installation, the door
may be misaligned and not close or seal properly, causing
cooling, frost, or moisture problems.

To Level Your Refrigerator:
After discarding crating screws and wood base, use a
carpenter’s level to level the refrigerator from front-to-back.
Adjust the plastic leveling feet in front, ½ bubble higher, so
that the door closes easily when left halfway open.


• Wash any removable parts of the refrigerator interior, and

exterior with mild detergent and warm water. Wipe dry.
Do not use harsh cleaners on these surfaces.

• Do not use razor blades or other sharp instruments,

which can scratch the appliance surface when removing
adhesive labels. Any glue left from the tape can be
removed with a mixture of warm water and mild deter-
gent, or touch the residue with the sticky side of tape
already removed. Do not remove the serial plate.

Unpacking and Leveling