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Lamp material information sheet, Material safety data sheets (msds)

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Lamp Material Information Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Information and Applicability

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) requirements of the Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA) for chemicals are not
applicable to manufactured articles
such as lamps. No material contained in a lamp is released during normal use and

The following information is provided as a service to our customers. The following Lamp

Material Information Sheet contains applicable Material Safety Data Sheet information.

I. Product Identification

GE Fluorescent Lamps

GE Consumer & Industrial

1975 Noble Road
Nela Park
Cleveland, OH 44112
(216) 266-2222

II. Lamp Materials and Hazardous Ingredients

Glass & Metal
The glass tube used in a standard fluorescent lamp is manufactured from soda-lime glass and is
essentially similar but not identical to that used throughout the glass industry for bottles and other
common consumer items. The end-caps on the lamp are generally aluminum while the wires in the
lamps (called filaments or cathodes) are made of tungsten. None of these materials would present a
potential hazard in the event of breakage of the lamp, aside from the obvious ones due to broken
glass. Some fluorescent lamps (CovRguard™ products) use an external coating of polycarbonate to
provide a shatter-resistant coating.


The fluorescent product line uses two different phosphor systems. One phosphor system

(halophosphate) uses calcium chloro-fluoro-phosphate, with small amounts (less than 1-2% by weight

the phosphor) of antimony and manganese, both of which are tightly bound in the phosphor matrix.

The second phosphor system (SP/SPX) uses a mixture of rare earth elements such as lanthanum, and

yttrium as either an oxide or as a phosphate, along with a barium/aluminum oxide. These phosphors

produce better lamp efficiency and color rendition. The phosphor components may vary slightly

depending on the color of the lamp (cool white, warm white, etc.). Also, in some lamps designed for

reduced power consumption, a thin coating of tin oxide is placed on the inside of the glass prior to

coating the glass with the phosphor.

August 2004

Fluorescent Lamps-MSD


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