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Initial Product Cleaning Procedure

Like most appliances, your water dispenser requires periodic
maintenance for maximum efficiency and performance and must be
cleaned on a regular basis (i.e. every 4 months). To maintain a hygienic
environment within your water dispenser and prevent potential
formation (growth) of bacteria, we strongly recommend regular
cleaning. A cleaning kit is available through our Customer Service
Department at

1-866-253-0447 or can be ordered on line


1. Make sure the unit is unplugged and the power switch is

turned off.

2. Remove the bottle support collar, saturate a clean cloth with a

water dispenser cleaner or vinegar and wipe the inside of the

3. Pour a water dispenser cleaner or a mixture of 4 cups / 1L of

vinegar with 4 cups / 1L of hot water into the reservoir and
wait 20 minutes.

IMPORTANT: To avoid water overflowing while cleaning the dispenser, always remove the bottle

support collar before pouring water or the cleaning solution into the reservoir

(see Figure A).

4. Press/hold all dispensing buttons until water stops flowing from the faucet.
5. Place the unit over the sink and drain both internal reservoirs by removing the spring clamps

and caps from both drain outlets located on the bottom of the unit.
6. Rinse again with clean water, re-install the drain outlet caps and spring clamps.
7. Place bottle support collar back on top of dispenser.

Installing the Water Bottle

IMPORTANT: Always wash your hands first! Clean the top (neck) of the bottle with a clean cloth

and do not touch the part of the unit that the water touches. Make sure the unit is unplugged and
the power switch is in the OFF position. The water bottle can be purchased from your local bottled
water distributor or most grocery stores.

1. Remove the protective cap from the end of the water bottle unless the bottle has a puncturable

cap or sticker.
2. Lift and turn the bottle upside down, placing it securely on the bottle support collar.
3. Press and hold all dispenser buttons until water flows from the dispenser. Drain about 4 cups /

1L of water before initial use. This does not need to be repeated with replacement bottles.

Cleaning Kit

Available online at


Figure A

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