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Cleaning the Inside of the Dispenser

Like most appliances, your water dispenser requires periodic
maintenance for maximum efficiency and performance and must be
cleaned on a regular basis (i.e. every 4 months). To maintain a
hygienic environment within your water dispenser and prevent
potential formation (growth) of bacteria, we strongly recommend
regular cleaning. A cleaning kit is available through our Customer
Service Department at

1-866-253-0447 or can be ordered on line at

1. Make sure the power switch is in the OFF position.

2. Remove the water bottle and bottle support collar.

3. Drain the reservoirs (see Draining the Reservoirs, pg 6).

4. Pour a water dispenser cleaner or a mixture of 4 cups / 1L of

vinegar with 4 cups / 1L of hot water into the reservoir and wait

20 minutes. If using a water dispenser cleaning solution, please

follow the manufacturer's instructions.

IMPORTANT: To avoid water overflow while cleaning dispenser, always remove the bottle support

collar before pouring water or cleaning solution into the reservoir

(see Figure A, pg 3).

5. Press/hold all dispensing buttons until water stops flowing from the faucet.

6. Drain the reservoirs.

IMPORTANT: Drain the water into a container and/or sink, not the drip tray.

7. Rinse with clean water.

8. Replace the bottle support collar and the water bottle (see Installing the Water Bottle, pg 3).

IMPORTANT: Drain approximately 4 glasses of water from each button before initial use. This does

not need to be done with replacement bottles.

Going Away on vacation

When not using the dispenser for long periods of time or when going on vacation, conserve energy
by setting the power switch to the OFF position, unplug the dispenser and drain the reservoirs


Draining the Reservoirs, pg 6). Follow Initial Product Cleaning Procedures upon return and startup

of the dispenser.


Cleaning Kit

Available online at

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