Parts and features, Accessories – GE 681131691406 User Manual

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Bake Rack—may be positioned in the upper or lower rack support

Guides for toasting, baking, and general cooking.
Cookie sheets—each cookie sheet holds approximately 9-12 medium-

size cookies.
Bake Pan & Broil Rack—For use in broiling and baking meat, poultry,

fish, and various other foods. the Broil rack allows fat drippings to drip

into the Bake Pan and away from the food. this will help prevent

spattering that could result in smoking and flare-ups.
note: sugar and salt-based foods have a tendency to stick to all

surfaces and are very hard to clean. When cooking these types of foods

with the Bake Pan and Broil rack, soak and clean them immediately

after each use.

PArts AnD FeAtures

Control Panel

Temperature Control—turn to select

temperature 150 degrees to Broil

Time Control—to activate the timer or to toast,

turn the dial to the right (clockwise). A bell will

sound at the selected time (0-60 minutes).

Function Control—turn to select the desired

cook function:
Convection keep warm—Keep food warm for

up to 60 minutes.

Broil—For broiling fish, steak, poultry and

pork chops, etc.

Convection bake—For baking cakes, pies,

cookies, poultry, beef, pork, etc.

Toast—For toasting bread, muffins, frozen

waffles, etc.

Power On Light—the Power on light will

illuminate whenever the oven is turned on.


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