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instruCtions For use


Appliance surfaces are hot during and after use. Always wear protective, insulated

oven mitts when touching hot oven, dishes and food, or when inserting or

removing Bake rack, Broil rack, or Cookie sheet.
never leave oven unattended while in use. Be sure the Crumb tray is in position

while using any of the toaster oven’s functions.
to activate timer for periods less than 20 minutes, turn dial past 20 and back to

desired time or for toast function to desired darkness.

broiling/Top browning

For best results, it is recommended that you preheat the oven for 10 minutes at

your desired temperature.
trim excess fat from meat and dry any moisture that may be on the food.
1. set the temperature Control to Broil/toast.
2. turn the Function Control to Broil.
3. set the time control to preheat the oven for 10 minutes.
4. Place the Bake rack in the upper rack support Guide, facing up.
5. Place the Broil rack onto the Bake Pan.
6. Place the food on the Broil rack. Brush food with sauces or oil, if desired. then

slide onto the Bake rack.

7. Food should be placed as close as possible to the top heating element without

touching it.

8. turn on the time control.
9. turn food over midway through cooking time.
10. timer will shut off automatically or manually turn timer to off.

Convection bake

Positioning the bake racks
Cookies can be baked using either or both rack support Guides with racks facing

up. Layer cakes can be baked on the lower position with the Bake rack facing

down, and on the upper position with the Bake rack facing up.
Pies can be baked in either or both positions with the Bake rack facing down.

Be sure to place Cookie sheet under the pies to catch any spills or drips.

baking Guide

Follow the package or recipe instructions for baking times and temperature.

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