How to use – GE 169045 User Manual

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1. There may be an odor or smoke during initial use. This is normal. It is due to the

protective substance on heating elements, which avoids salt effects during shipping

from the factory. It is recommended to operate the oven dry for about 15 minutes

the first time. Ensure the room is properly ventilated.

2. The minimum distance between the food and the upper heating element should be

at least 1.25 inches, for uniform baking.

3. The baking pan can only be used when installed on wire rack.

1. Rotate the Temperature controller clockwise to the “toast” position, and the heating

elements will turn on. Open the oven door and place the bread slice on the wire

rack. One slice of bread is placed in the center of the wire rack, or four slices side

by side. Four slices will be lighter than 1 slice – adjust Timer accordingly.

NOTE: Remember to first remove the baking pan for even toasting result.
2. Time setting
Turn the time controller to the corresponding position depending on the desired

bread color: dark, medium or light. Usually the time is in the range of about 3-5

minutes. The more toasting time, the darker the bread. When setting the timer dial

for less than 5 minutes, always rotate the timer to over 5 minutes and then rotate

back to your desired time. This will ensure a safe and accurate timer setting. To

interrupt the toasting process, turn back the timer to the “off” position. When the

timer has reached to the “off” position a bell sound will be heard to indicate the

completion of toasting, and the power will be shut off automatically.

NOTE: The bread may catch fire if the toasting time is set too long. Close supervision

is necessary during toasting.