Main features – GE 169045 User Manual

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1. Put the baking pan above the wire rack and place the food on baking pan. Always

use the baking pan when grilling food like chicken wings or drumsticks with fat,

as it can catch the drippings when grilling the food.

2. We always suggest preheating the oven for 10 minutes before placing the food in

the oven.

1. Rotate the temperature controller clockwise to your desired setting. For grilling

thick slices of food, turn the temperature controller to “Toast” for best results.

NOTE: When grilling, both heating elements will be ON.

2. Set the time based on the food type and thickness. The heat element will be

cycled on and off to maintain a constant temperature. For items requiring greater

than 15 minutes of cooking time, set the timer to Stay On. Once the food is cooked

you must shut off the oven manually by turning the timer controller to OFF position.

NOTE: Always monitor the food to prevent overcooking. Always use oven gloves to

avoid risk of burns.

For broiling function, only the upper heating element will be on, the setting is

applicable for browning the top surface of food or broiling chops or steaks.
1. We recommend preheating 15 minutes with the door closed before broiling food

to achieve satisfactory result.

2. Place the food on the wire rack, and the baking pan should always be placed

underneath to catch the dripping oil.

1. Remember to put the baking pan above the wire rack when defrosting.
2. Put the food on the wire rack directly, removing all paper or plastic wrapping. The

temperature should be set at 150-2500F.It is unnecessary to preheat the oven.

The time needed for defrosting is largely dependent on food weight, type and shape.

If the food is thick and heavy the temperature should be set at 2500F. It is neces-

sary to turn over the food. The oven temperature should not be set too high as this

may cause the food to be burned. Always cook food promptly after defrosting.

1. Temperature and time is based on food type and thickness.
2. When baking, the upper and lower heating elements will cycle on and off to

maintain the constant temperature.

3. When baking is finished, turn the Time controller to “off” position.
4. Remove the food from the oven carefully.