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How to Clean the Outside


Clean the outside of the microwave
with a sudsy cloth. Rinse and then
dry. Wipe the window clean with a
damp cloth.

Control Panel and Door

Wipe with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.
Do not use cleaning sprays, large
amounts of soap and water, abrasives
or sharp objects on the panel—they
can damage it. Some paper towels can
also scratch the control panel.

Door Surface

It’s important to keep the area clean
where the door seals against the
microwave. Use only mild, non-abrasive
detergents applied with a clean sponge
or soft cloth. Rinse well.

Power Cord

If the cord becomes soiled, unplug
and wash with a damp cloth. For
stubborn spots, sudsy water may be
used, but be certain to rinse with a
damp cloth and dry thoroughly before
plugging cord into outlet.

Do not use cleaners containing
ammonia or alcohol on the
microwave oven. Ammonia
or alcohol can damage the
appearance of the microwave.

If Something Goes Wrong


Possible Causes

What To Do

Oven will not start

A fuse in your home may be

• Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker.

blown or the circuit breaker tripped.

Power surge.

• Unplug the microwave oven, then plug it back in.

Plug not fully inserted into wall outlet. • Make sure the 3-prong plug on oven is fully inserted into wall outlet.

Control panel lighted, yet

Door not securely closed.

• Open the door and close securely.

oven will not start.

START/PAUSE not pressed after


entering cooking selection.

Another selection entered

• Press CLEAR/OFF.

already in oven and CLEAR/OFF
not pressed to cancel it.

Cooking time not entered

• Make sure you have entered cooking time after pressing TIME COOK.

after pressing TIME COOK.

START/PAUSE was pressed

• Reset cooking program and press START/PAUSE.


Food weight not entered after

• Make sure you have entered food weight after selecting

selecting AUTO DEFROST.


Oven was paused accidentally.

• Press START/PAUSE to restart the cooking program.

Things That Are

• Steam or vapor escaping from

around the door.

• Light reflection around door or

outer case.

• Dimming oven light and change in

the blower sound at power levels other
than high.

• Dull thumping sound while oven

is operating.

• TV-radio interference might be noticed

while using the microwave. Similar to
the interference caused by other small
appliances, it does not indicate a
problem with the microwave. Plug the
microwave into a different electrical
circuit, move the radio or TV as far
away from the microwave as possible
or check the position and signal of
the TV/radio antenna.


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