Before your first use, Operating instructions – Maytag MCCM1NW12 User Manual

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Before Your First Use

Carefully unpack the coffee maker and remove all packaging materials. Wipe the
heating stand with a clean, damp cloth. Do not immerse the heating stand in
water or other liquid. To remove any dust that may have accumulated on the
removable parts during packaging, wash the carafe, lid and filter basket with
warm soapy water. Rinse and dry. We recommend that prior to brewing your first
pot of coffee, you “brew” just the cold water without ground coffee or a paper filter.
This will remove any dust that may have settled inside the coffee maker.

Operating Instructions


Place your coffee maker on a flat, level surface, such as a countertop. Plug
the coffee maker into a 120_volt 60Hz AC only outlet.


Swing out the filter basket holder(2) to your left and place a filter or paper
filter into the filter basket(8). Place the desired amount of ground coffee into
the paper filter. Close the filter basket until it snaps in place.

NOTE: Do not operate your coffee maker if the filter basket holder does not

close completely. If the filter basket holder does not close completely,
check to see that the filter basket is properly seated and snap the door
back into its place.


Lift and open the water tank lid(1). Then fill the glass carafe(7) with cold
water and pour into the water tank(3). You can measure how many cups
you want to make by looking at the gauge on the carafe handle or the water
gauge(4) on the side of the water tank(3).


Close the water tank lid(1) and place the glass carafe(7) on the warming


Push the “On/Off” switch to turn on the coffee maker and start brewing.


The warming plate will stay warm as long as the coffee maker is on. To turn
off, push the “On/Off” switch to “Off” position.

Auto Drip-Stop

Your coffee maker is equipped with an auto drip-stop feature. If you wish to
temporarily remove the glass carafe from the warming plate at any time during
the brewing cycle, the auto drip-stop feature will temporarily stop the brewing,
causing no coffee to drip from the filter basket to the warming plate. Replacing
the glass carafe on the warming plate will restart the brewing cycle.
NOTE: If the glass carafe was removed during the brewing cycle, return it

within 30 seconds or the filter basket may overflow.

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