Matrox Electronic Systems FastNIC 10/100 10574-MT-0102 User Manual

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Matrox FastNIC 10/100

Single Port Fast Ethernet 100BaseTX NIC
PCI Network Interface Card
Installation Guide

The Matrox FastNIC 10/100 is a high-performance Fast Ethernet adapter card,
ideal for typical and “power user” PC workstations. The FastNIC installs into a
standard bus-mastering PCI slot. Driver support is provided for most popular
network operating systems.


Before You Begin

Verify the contents of your package. It should contain the following items:

• Matrox FastNIC 10/100
• Software driver diskette
• Registration card
• This guide


If any of these items are missing, contact your Matrox Networks



System Requirements

The FastNIC is a standard PCI device. The BIOS of the PC into which the
FastNIC will be installed must conform to the PCI Local Bus Specification v2.0/
2.1. The PCI slot into which you will insert the card must support PCI bus
mastering. If necessary, refer to the documentation that came with the PC for
information regarding its compliance to the PCI standard.


Installing the Card

To install the FastNIC in a PC, perform the following steps:

1. Turn off your PC.
2. Open the case of your PC and locate an empty PCI expansion slot.
3. Unbolt and remove the blank panel adjacent to the PCI slot you will use

for the FastNIC.